Having children and threatening parents’ sex

The arrival of a new member in the family causes many changes in family behaviors. The days after the baby is born and the breastfeeding period bring a new experience for parents. The birth of a baby causes a lot of physical and mental changes in the mother’s body, and certainly these changes also overshadow sexual relations.

Postpartum sex

One of the important points is to pay attention to the psychological condition of the woman after childbirth. Most mothers feel tired and depressed after the baby is born, so emotional support and understanding of a woman’s mood is the first step to improving emotional relationships. Although a woman may physiologically be able to start a marital relationship early in the postpartum period, she may not be mentally prepared.

After delivery, the uterus and other parts of the genitalia return to normal within 4 to 6 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended that you postpone sexual intercourse until 6 weeks after delivery. Early intercourse causes damage to the mother’s stitches (both in normal delivery and cesarean section) and causes problems for her. During this period, postpartum hemorrhage also stops and the secretions of the female reproductive system return to normal.
It is recommended that you consult your doctor before having sex after giving birth. If necessary, you can also get help from psychological counseling.

Why does a couple’s sexual activity decrease after childbirth?

Feeling pain when closePain during intercourse, usually caused by sutures at the birth site, can reduce a woman’s sexual activity, even if it heals. At this stage, by referring to the doctor and examination by him, the condition of the birth sutures is determined and the anxiety and worry of the couple, especially the woman, is eliminated.

Extreme attention to the baby: Some of its mothers become so caught up in caring for the baby that they forget their duties as a spouse. Managing the family and maintaining relationships is one of the things that women need to learn about.

Concerns about physical condition: Some women feel embarrassed after pregnancy and childbirth due to excessive physical changes and weight gain, and refuse to have sex due to concerns about their physical condition. The woman must be reassured that her physical changes are normal after childbirth and will return to normal over time.

FatiguePregnancy and childbirth cause a lot of fatigue in women. Responsibility, caring for the baby, and disrupting sleep patterns also cause problems for the mother. Thus, his desire for sex decreases. There should be hours for the mother to rest during the day and night so that excessive fatigue does not disrupt the couple’s emotional relationship.

Postpartum DepressionMany women experience a period of postpartum depression. This condition is especially common in the first delivery. Loss of libido is one of the hallmarks of this disease. These patients need appropriate support and treatment. Get help from a psychiatrist and psychologist to resolve this crisis.

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