Having healthy sex and its effects

An unhealthy sexual relationship can cause irreparable physical and mental damage to a person. But the opposite is true in healthy sex. People who have healthy sex, not only do not have physical problems, but this relationship is very useful for their physical and mental health, especially stress reduction.

Stress and anxiety take our energy and eventually make us tired and bored. A person who has spent the whole day with tension and stress has no capacity for normal daily activities, sometimes he doesn’t even have the mood to say hello.
Surveys have shown that anxious and tense people are less willing to have marital relations with their spouses.The rest of the people are the same, that is, when they are involved in stress and tension, they become disinterested in the marital relationship. Biological research has also obtained clues about this issue, as the researchers say. Stress binds sex hormones to proteins and thus keeps them away from the target cells. Hormones cannot have their effect in the body and because of this, a person’s sexual desire decreases.

More stress, more work
Many people, especially men, see work as a place to escape from stress and problems, and frustration and the feeling of lack of marital relationship is one of the problems that some people face and increase their work instead of solving it. Various scientific studies also confirm;
in such a way that It has been found that people who have less marital relationship with their spouse try to compensate it by working more and this work causes more job burnout and less sex.This vicious cycle continues in this way and can even lead to the disintegration of the family foundation.While the results of this new research have shown that if you increase your marital relationship with your spouse when facing a stressful stimulus, you can reduce your stress.

Helping spouses to each other’s health
Previous researches have reported on various aspects of the impact of a healthy and satisfying marital relationship between husbands and wives, and now Other sexual health experts believe that a positive and healthy marital relationship is not only important for the continuation of married life and strengthening the foundation of the family, but it is also beneficial for the health of the For example, it has been found that marital relationship can cause wounds to heal faster. Also, people who are married and have experienced a satisfactory marital relationship with their spouse, in the long run, get sick less and their life span is longer than singles and people who are in a marital relationship. They don’t care.

Helping spouses for life
But that’s not all.Hormonal changes that occur after a marital relationship between spouses can make them resistant to the hardships and adversities of life and reduce their vulnerability, and this has been shown by various studies.In one of these studies, which is the work of researchers at the University of Scotland,It has been determined that the blood pressure of people who have had a satisfactory and satisfactory marital relationship increased less when it was difficult, which indicated a greater sense of self-esteem and less stress and mental tension. Also, in women, the stimulation of the nerve cells of the vagina and cervix during intercourse causes the release of hormones that relax the walls of the vessels, which balance blood pressure.
Studies by Gottingen University researchers have also shown Even holding his wife’s hand will reduce his stress.They tested it this way: A group of women were told a stressful sentence like, “In a few seconds, you’re going to get a shock.” This was while a group of them were holding their spouse’s hand and some were holding the hand of a stranger. Meanwhile, their brain responses were also evaluated through brain imaging.The brain response of those who were holding their spouse’s hand was much lower than the other group’s to this stress-inducing sentence, and those who had a stronger relationship in real life showed a very weak response to it.

Life again
In another study, it was determined that A healthy and positive relationship with your spouse can reduce the negative physical effects of anxiety in the body. Anxiety increases blood pressure, and this increase in blood pressure can reduce the efficiency of the body’s immune system, but after every marital relationship, hormones such as oxytocin and Endorphins are released in the body, which balances blood pressure and develops a good feeling and positive attitude.This positive feeling affects your emotional relationship with your spouse and improves your relationship and makes you understand each other better and increase empathy between you. In this way, we can conclude that A good emotional relationship between spouses requires a successful marital relationship, and if a husband and wife do not have a sufficient and successful marital relationship with each other, it can be expected that they will gradually move away from each other and lose the power of sacrifice and forgiveness towards each other.The studies of these researchers have shown that The marital relationship of couples with each other causes them to suppress their anger and anger towards each other and others, and the lack of such a relationship causes apathy and even causes them to cheat and divorce. Despite the fact that they still really love each other.

life cycle
It seams Stress and sexual dysfunction have a reciprocal relationship with each other, or in other words, they create a vicious cycle together.WhenStress, sexual desire and the frequency of sexual intercourse decrease, and with decreasing sexual intercourse, the individual’s stress increases.What should be done to break this vicious cycle?
Researchers and sexual health experts advise couples During stress and mental tension, don’t give in to your feeling of avoiding your spouse and try to express your love towards him in this situation as well.Of course, maybe most husbands and wives protest that the marital relationship cannot be an order. The point is that When two people really like each other and love each other, a good result will be obtained and the stress will disappear.This result too The stress tests confirm the studied husband and wife and their own statements about their inner feelings. Therefore, to reduce stress, it is not necessary to establish a perfect relationship between the spouses, but it is better to caress each other in the first stage and Show their love to each other in different ways. This kind of behavior reduces their stress and depression by 8 times.

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