Having sex at an older age for women

You’ve probably heard of problems such as decreased libido and vaginal dryness that occur in older women. This is while the truth is something else. It is true that change is inevitable, but experts believe that sex improves in several ways with age.

Know what you need to manage the changes you will experience with sex as you get older:

1- Sex in old age is more satisfactory
According to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, more than two-thirds of women, including women in their 80s, were satisfied with their sex. The good news is that 67% of older women say they reach orgasm most or all of the time during sex. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have found that sex improves with age. “Not only were older women the happiest people in the study, but older people who had just had sex had the same level of orgasmic satisfaction as the younger participants in the study,” said Dr. Susan Trompeter, co-author of the study. . ”

2- A new partner can ruin everything
“The vagina is the entry point from the outside world to the inside world and is directly connected to your immune system,” says McClellan. If you have been in a relationship with one person for many years and then suddenly have a relationship with another person, “your vagina sends out a safety warning that this is a new foreign semen. “The result is that you may feel burning or even pain during intercourse.”

3- The pressure to look attractive may confuse your mind
“Probably all women want to look 30 in their 50s, but that expectation, plus the social expectation from women to stay young over the years, puts pressure on women to do it instead of having fun,” says Stretcher. “Get rid of sex life, always think about being attractive and young.”

Make your expectations about your appearance reasonable. And try to live in today and love yourself and your spouse today and see how things get better and more beautiful.

4. Your spouse knows what he or she is doing
“Experience is the key to having better sex,” says Dr. Lauren Streicher, a Chicago-based gynecologist and author of Sex Rx. In their 40s or more, they have a greater sexual advantage than younger people.

5- Having long-term sex with a person is gratifying
Dr. Stephanie McClellan, a gynecologist, says that in addition to sperm, semen (this fluid is secreted from the male genitalia and can be fertilized by a female egg) also contains oxytocin (a neurohypophysiological hormone and peptide). It is present in mammals and plays a key role in romantic communication, sexual reproduction, and is involved in many behaviors, including orgasm, social cognition, mating, anxiety, and maternal behaviors.) And serotonin (hormones of happiness and pleasure) The brain arrives.
“Numerous studies have shown that women who are regularly exposed to a person’s semen are less likely to be depressed and experience higher levels of happiness,” she said.

6- Weakness of pelvic muscles is a destructive factor in sexual intercourse
“Estrogen levels decrease with age,” says Karly Treacy, a yoga instructor and pelvic floor health specialist. Not only does this affect your libido and vaginal moisture, but it can also affect the firmness of your pelvic floor muscles and reduce the sensation in that area. That means it will be harder for you to reach orgasm. But before you start Kegel exercises (a type of exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles), note this: It is very likely that you have done this exercise wrong.

“The right way has nothing to do with the ability to keep the urine flowing when urinating,” says Tracy. Instead, you should use your pelvic floor muscles to pull them all together and pull them up.

Tracy advises: Imagine your intercostal muscles (muscles on both sides of the pelvis). When you exhale, pull these muscles together like the doors of an elevator that are closing. Then when the doors closed. Pull the muscles up and hold, breathe 10 times and then release them. Do this twice a day for 3 weeks.

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