Healing plants for the treatment of burning, itching and skin eczema

These herbs have softening and moisturizing properties for your skin, eliminate eczema and skin itching and give you soft skin.

A traditional medicine expert said: using herbs such as coriander, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, henna, basil and mint minimize skin itches and soften the skin.

Ali Hosseini said: Eczema is caused by consuming foods such as eggs, wheat and milk, or contact with woolen cloth, dyes, using some soaps and cleaners, or a history of diseases such as asthma.

He continued: In order to treat eczema and severe itching of the skin, one must first identify the symptoms of its occurrence, wear loose cotton clothes to reduce contact with the skin, and reduce stress as much as possible.

Hosseini clarified: Observing personal hygiene such as regular trimming of nails and bathing is recommended, of course, it is better to reduce the number to avoid excessive dryness of the skin, on the other hand, soap and water may cause more itching. Therefore, it is better to do it after bathing. He also used moisturizing cream.

This traditional medicine expert said: It is also recommended to use violet oil or walnut oil for the parts of the body that have eczema and wash them with vinegar.

He continued: People who suffer from eczema should eat foods that do not cause constipation, and on the contrary, they should eat foods such as khakshir syrup or tamarind fruit or olives and figs.

Hosseini emphasized: It is recommended to use fennel extract and honey for women and chicory extract for men who have severe skin allergies, and it is better to minimize the consumption of soft drinks, chocolate, sausages and sausages.

This traditional medicine specialist said: Also, the consumption of herbs such as coriander, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, henna, basil and mint minimizes skin itches and softens the skin.

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