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Health Benefits of RBD Coconut Oil

RBD coconut oil can provide whatever health benefits virgin coconut oil offers.

For instance, its medium-chain fatty acids help to increase your metabolism, its saturated fats help your body to minimize free-radical reactions and its antimicrobials will defend you against harmful germs.

When you get to fix your metabolism, have very much lesser free radicals to wreck your body and very little amount of creepy microbes to attack your health, you will be able to prevent lots of physical disorders and illnesses.

Here’s a quick list of RBD coconut oil’s health benefits to give you some ideas:

  1. Improve blood circulation
  2. Reduce inflammation
  3. Enhance immunity
  4. Raise energy level
  5. Lower risk of heart attack and stroke
  6. Prevent diabetes
  7. Improve absorption of nutrients
  8. Improve body’s utilization of essential fatty acids (EFAs)
  9. Relieve constipation
  10. Fight flu infection
  11. Protect against liver disease
  12. Protect against kidney failure
  13. Improve thyroid function
  14. Help to lose weight

This shows that RBD coconut oil is as healthy and safe to use as virgin coconut oil.

RBD vs Virgin Coconut Oil

Everything seems exactly the same as what virgin coconut oil does for you, except for one thing – It’s odorless.

Yes, it smells nothing, unlike virgin coconut oil that carries a coconut scent in it.

Though virgin coconut oil provides greater health benefits, not all people can grow to like its innate coconut odor. If you like it, you’ll like it. If you don’t like it, you will never like it. Period.

So, what if you want the health benefits but you don’t want the odor?

Simple, just remove the odor.

Look how smart those manufacturers are. They provide such an odor-removal service to cater to this group of people who can’t stand the natural coconut odor.

However, removing odor means some phytonutrients in the oil will also be removed. That translates to RBD coconut oil having lesser health properties than virgin coconut oil.

This is a small disadvantage for you but that’s the best you can get out of this refined and odorless coconut oil if you cannot accept its virgin counterpart.

Hey, but I found that RBD coconut oil has its own virtues and is good in its own way.

If you put both types of coconut oil on your skin, you would have felt that RBD penetrates slightly faster into your skin. This is because RBD is lighter than virgin. As I like its faster absorption into my skin, I use RBD coconut oil more often on skin than virgin.

Sometimes I cook with RBD as I want to keep the original flavor of the food. I also pour it over my raw food to improve the overall health benefits. If you use virgin coconut oil raw or cook with it instead, all your food will have some mild coconut scent.

On top of that, you’ll save more by using RBD coconut oil since it is a little cheaper to buy. So overall, it’s pretty good to use RBD coconut oil. Being refined doesn’t mean it’s bad and not healthy.

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