Health tips after sex

What are the best things women should do after sex and how should they maintain their sexual health and maintain their sexual health?

Urgent urination as a strong protective agent is a misconception. Because no studies have shown the protective benefits of doing so.

What to do after sex?

Not only do many couples not know the basics of sex, they do not even know what to look for after marriage. However, after having sex, doing certain things is necessary and part of sexual health. Here are some things a woman should do after having sex.

Go to the bathroom but not too soon!

You may have heard that going to the bathroom immediately after sex can help prevent urinary tract infections, as it flushes out the cola bacteria that may have been transmitted to the urethra during sex. According to the National Kidney Foundation, one in five women may develop this problem during their lifetime. But immediate urination as a strong protective factor is a misconception. Because no studies have shown the protective benefits of doing so. So if you do not need to urinate immediately after sex, you do not need to go to the bathroom immediately, but you can wait until you feel the need, which can be 20 minutes or even an hour later. This does not put you at risk for a urinary tract infection. You can rest a little instead.

Review what happened

Press the back button in your mind and revisit what happened, from beginning to end. If you have had good sex, think about what made it good, and while still fresh in your mind, tell your partner that you liked his or her touch or movement more. Now is the best time to talk about this. If you let time pass, it becomes strange and unusual to talk about it. If this relationship is not the best relationship between you and your spouse, it is better to review it again later, to identify the dark spots of the relationship. Another thing that can help improve your relationship in 90 days is to maintain your intimacy in the short period after sex. Sexual health studies report that loving each other after sex, including cuddling and romantic touching, contributes to greater sexual satisfaction, and this is more common in couples who are satisfied with sex.

Keep notes of what you learned from the process

Sometimes you may experience pain during sex. The two primary discomforts you may have are vaginal dryness and one when you have a muscle spasm, or your partner is having an ovulation that usually causes pain during ovulation. But it is not normal to have pain every time you have sex, especially if it lasts for several hours and is severe. In these cases, you should consult your doctor to diagnose symptoms such as ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis or even gynecological cancers.


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