Healthy and harmless Nutella

Nutella has a lot of fans. You can easily prepare this nutritious and rich breakfast at home. We have provided you with the method of preparing a healthy and harmless type without illegal additives. Stay with us.

Maybe you are one of those whose diet does not allow you to drink Nutella safely. Some people consider Nutella to be the same as hazelnut chocolate, with the difference that Nutella contains more sugar and may contain unhealthy ingredients.

In the preparation of homemade Nutella, no artificial sugar is used, instead, organic and natural ingredients are used.

Note that with the following instructions, you can make a cup of Nutella, which can last up to a week if stored properly.

We recommend to use organic and fresh honey to achieve the best results.

Also, if you can’t get Himalayan pink salt, it won’t be a problem to omit it (although the taste of Nutella will change a little).


Sugar-free chocolate powder 6 tablespoons

Hazelnut two cups

3 teaspoons of coconut oil

Half a cup of rice juice

Fresh and organic honey, two-thirds of a cup

Pink Himalayan salt, one eighth of a teaspoon

How to prepare

1. Set the toaster to a temperature of 176 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit).

2. Pour the hazelnuts on the aluminum sheet and create only one layer of hazelnuts evenly on the sheet. Toast the hazelnuts for 12 minutes until they turn light brown.

3. In the next step, take them out of the toaster and place them on a clean towel. Press the towel well to remove the loose shell of the hazelnuts. If some of the shells were stuck to the hazelnut, it is not a problem.

4. Wait for the hazelnuts to cool completely. Then put them in the mixer and activate the device.

5. Then add other ingredients to the mixer. At first, add half of the rice juice to the mixer (that is, a quarter of a cup). Continue mixing until the ingredients are completely combined. If the concentration of the resulting mixture does not satisfy you and you want to prepare a thinner Nutella, pour the rest of the rice juice into the mixer.

Now, your homemade Nutella is ready. You can put it in a small, closed container and keep the container in the freezer.

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