Healthy diet for prostate cancer

Following the best diet to stay healthy will probably not surprise you, as it includes low-fat, high-calorie foods rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and focuses on natural foods instead of processed foods. has it. Although these same diets apply to men with prostate cancer, your diet and the way you prepare food may be very important to your health after you are diagnosed with the disease. In this article from the section Nutrition And diseasesHello Dr., we will introduce a suitable diet for this disease.

What is the diet like for prostate cancer?

According to sources such as the University of California, San Francisco, no specific diet can really help prevent or treat prostate cancer. However, good nutrition may be associated with a reduced risk of cancer, as well as a reduced risk of developing the disease after diagnosis.

However, research is still ongoing on whether diet can actually increase the risk of developing this cancer. “Although many studies have been done on specific diets for prostate cancer, they are not very clear and accurate,” said Steven Canfield, head of urology at the McGovern Medical Institute at the University of Texas Health Center in Houston. “Unfortunately, none of them really show any signs of prevention,” he said. But he adds that what is good for your heart health is also good for your prostate.

The UCSF Cancer Center recommends a diet for this cancer that includes a wide variety of vegetables and whole grains. Healthy sources of protein such as beans, fish and skinless chicken and healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and avocados are also recommended.

If this type of diet has recommendations similar to the Mediterranean diet, your guess is correct: there is evidence that this diet helps reduce the risk of cancer. Most of these recipes are given to men who have been diagnosed with stage 1 or 2 prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer

Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables on prostate cancer

Eat at least 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables. Cabbage vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Also fruits rich in antioxidants such as berries, cherries, plums, red grapes and black plums.

Another healthy option for people with this cancer is to eat cooked tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, which can be easily absorbed by the body when cooked.

The UCSF recommends eating at least 5 servings daily, preferably 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. What is a promise? One serving includes half a cup of fruits or vegetables, one cup of raw leafy vegetables or a quarter of dried fruits or vegetables.


Soy is rich in phytoestrogens, which some studies claim prevent it from preventing certain types of cancer, including prostate cancer. Legumes such as beans, peanuts and lentils contain active plant compounds known as phytoestrogens. Isflavones are a phytoestrogen. They may have anti-cancer properties. It can inhibit tumor growth in prostate cancer cells.

Pomegranate in the prostate cancer diet

Scientists claim that pomegranates are full of antioxidants that target prostate cancer cells. Green tea and pomegranate are a rich source of antioxidants. This fruit has been proposed as a miracle in preventing chronic diseases associated with oxidative stress.

Prostate Cancer

Brazil nuts

Some studies have reported that Brazil nuts contain selenium, which may be helpful in killing prostate cancer cells. Other foods include selenium, tuna, beef, chicken and spinach. Selenium may also play an important role in curing cancer. Animal and epidemiological studies have shown that there may be an inverse relationship between selenium supplements and the risk of cancer.

Replacing fish and plants with meat

For all cancer patients, including those with cancer, a plant-based diet has many benefits. Protein can also be obtained from beans, nuts, flaxseed and low-fat dairy products.

Eat less beef, lamb and mutton. An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association in July 2013 shows that there is a link between death and any cause of cancer and consumption of saturated fats from meat and dairy products. In addition, it is wise to reduce or eliminate red meat, whole milk and other dairy products such as butter, mayonnaise and salad dressings altogether. Instead, seasonings such as lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and salsa. Add to salad. Also, avoid cheese.

If fish is not a staple of your diet, consider that men who eat a lot of cold-water fish have a lower risk of developing this cancer. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in November 2010, people who ate a lot of fish in their diet were 44 percent less likely to develop metastatic cancer and 63 percent less likely to develop the disease. , Die. Fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, canned tuna, sardines, trout and mackerel.

Prostate Cancer

Prevention of prostate cancer by using healthy oils and lighter cooking methods

Use healthier and lighter oils for cooking. For cooking, use canola or olive oil instead of saturated oils such as butter or vegetable oils. As for how to cook food, use cooking methods that require little oil, such as grilling or cooking instead of frying.


High-temperature grilling of meat produces a carcinogen called PhIP. If you want to cook the meat on the grill, turn the meat on the charcoal less.

How do we meet the dietary needs of people with prostate cancer?

While these common recommendations guarantee a healthy diet, you can choose which foods to choose and how to prepare them so that your food looks and tastes good and also meets your nutritional needs. Slow down, entertain yourself.

Prevent weight loss

If you are losing your appetite and weight, think again about what you are cooking and how to prepare it. The experience of cooking food with different condiments gives the food a different and better taste, or by adding sauces and herbs to some flavors, change their taste and prepare food with high-calorie ingredients so that you do not have to Eat more calories, eat more meals.

Managing fiber intake to treat diarrhea

In some men who are exposed to external radiation to treat this cancer, complications such as loose stools, rectal bleeding, and loss of bowel movements are seen. There are several foods that can help with this condition. Fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The Prostate Cancer Foundation says that there is a balance between eating fiber, but it recommends avoiding foods that may irritate the stomach because you need to eat fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation.

Prostate Cancer

Do I need to take dietary supplements for prostate cancer? Probably not

“One of the advances in the last 5 to 10 years is that individual supplements are unlikely to reduce the risk of prostate cancer,” says Dr. Chan.

He notes that there is no evidence that selenium or supplements Vitamin E There is no way to prevent this cancer. In addition, in December 2014, a journal from the National Cancer Institute published the results of a UCSF study that found that men who took selenium supplements after being diagnosed had a higher risk of dying from prostate cancer.

Final point

Eating healthy, balanced foods and foods that promote heart health and include all whole foods is the best way to treat a man with this cancer.

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