Healthy, gluten-free snacks for celiac disease

What do you know about proper nutrition for celiac disease? There are many people with celiac disease. Celiac disease is a type of intestinal disease that reacts to gluten in food and causes damage to the intestines. For this reason, people with this disease have special diets that are gluten-free. In this article, from Dr. Salam’s Diseases and Nutrition section, the method of preparing some gluten-free snacks has been prepared.

Celiac disease and sweet and stuffed dates

To prepare a healthy gluten-free snack, you can fill the dates with unsweetened peanut butter or a combination of walnuts and coconut slices. 3 dates contain 5 grams of fiber, which provides 18% of the recommended daily allowance. People on gluten-free diets may sometimes be deficient in fiber, which can cause constipation.

So eating dates can help your digestive system. Dates are naturally gluten free. However, dates can be mixed with barley flour and contaminated with gluten. For this reason, it is necessary to use gluten-free dates.

Celiac disease and mango with lemon juice and chili powder

This gluten-free snack is a good source of vitamin A and vitamin B6, and if you have celiac disease, you may be deficient in both. To prepare this snack, cut the mango into cubes and then pour fresh lemon juice on it. If you like the taste of spices, you can also add a little chili pepper to it. Chili powder may be a combination of spices or regular pepper. Use approved gluten-free chili powder to prevent your snack from becoming contaminated with gluten.

Black bean salad with avocado

Although avocados are known to be a rich source of healthy fats, they are also a good source of fiber that can help your digestive system. To make a delicious, filling gluten-free snack, mix half an avocado with 1.4 cups of black beans. Also add chopped onion, fresh potatoes, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

  Avocado is suitable for celiac disease

Celiac disease and a combination of delicious nuts

Nuts contain nutrients such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits such as berries and apricots. It is better to prepare these substances in packaged form to prevent the risk of gluten contamination of these substances. The composition of nuts is very energetic, but low in calories. On average, 1.4 cups of these ingredients contain 173 calories.

vegetable soup

Gluten-free vegetable soup can be a good snack for people with celiac disease. You can make a lot of homemade soup and store it in glass jars in the refrigerator for future meals. For a long-lasting feeling of fullness, choose high-fiber soups such as soups containing legumes and vegetables. If you use ready-made soups, buy approved gluten-free soups. In addition, flavoring additives such as noodles or wheat flour to thicken the soup can contaminate the soup with gluten.

Tuna with lettuce and its effect on celiac disease

To make a satisfying, high-protein snack, combine tuna with gluten-free hummus or mayonnaise or other green leafy vegetables such as lettuce. Tuna is usually a good gluten-free snack. Be sure to buy canned gluten-free tuna.

Rice cake with peanut butter and banana

Rice cake is usually made with brown rice. Some of them contain other whole nutritious grains without gluten such as quinoa or sorghum. These rice cakes contain a lot of nuts and act like a sandwich.

Sweet potato chips with icing sauce

Sweet potato chips with icing sauce

1 ounce of sweet potato chips provides 37% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A. For people who have been diagnosed with celiac disease, eating foods that contain this vitamin is essential because they are often deficient in vitamin A. To add extra flavor to the chips, you can dip them in a refreshing sauce that combines yogurt and cucumber.

To make this gluten-free snack, slice the sweet potatoes and dip them in olive oil and salt, then place in a frying pan and cook at 25 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes to Be well gilded. Rotate the potatoes once during cooking.

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