Healthy treatment tips for impotence

You can also overcome your impotence by using these natural ingredients. Traditional medicine offers suitable ways in this way!

Seyed Javad Alavi, an expert in traditional medicine, said about sexual weakness and ways to eliminate it: “Those who suffer from sexual weakness are better treated with some foods.”

According to him, foods such as peas, beans, carrots or turmeric, turnips, onions fried in oil, plant kernels such as pistachios, almonds, poppy seeds and sesame, shrimp and chicken, which should be without antibiotics, should be used.

Alavi added: “Consumption of rice with benefits such as cumin, milk, horseradish, leek, watercress, artichoke, grape, banana and coconut is also useful.”

The traditional medicine expert continued: “Some foods, such as halim prepared from a lot of meat, coconut and sugar in the form of kavout and halva from starch, are also useful to eliminate low semen.”

“Impotence and sexual weakness can be due to weakness of the brain, which has symptoms such as dullness of mind, confused and busy thinking, slow stress in movements, lack of sexual desire, low sense of semen movement, lack of pleasure in sexual intimacy, the presence of imagination,” he said. During and after ejaculation, there is a history of severe traumatic brain injury or insomnia.

Alavi reminded: if someone has such symptoms, it is better to treat himself with food, because the treatment of impotence with food is much better than treatment with medicine.

The expert in traditional medicine pointed out: People whose sexual weakness is due to brain weakness, it is better to prepare thyme meat, chicken with chickpeas, saffron, cinnamon and cloves, water chickpeas and eat it with whole wheat bread or drained rice. Keteh rice is also not suitable for these people.

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