Heatstroke and its terrible effects on the body

Itching and skin diseases

Sweating is caused by excessive sweating of the body in contact with clothing. It is more common in infants than adults, but it can also occur in some parts of the body for adults.

Heat-induced skin rashes are more common in areas where clothing is in contact with the body. To avoid sweating, wash your clothes more than before and hydrate your skin with moisturizers and try to stay in more cool air.

Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps do not only occur in football or volleyball, but also when you are at a high temperature and working out in extreme heat.

This symptom is accompanied by fatigue and most muscle cramps occur in the leg area and are a sign of heatstroke.

People who experience spasms or dryness and muscle cramps should lie down slowly or sit and wait a while for the tingling sensation to go away.

In this case, try to lower the body temperature first to heal the muscle cramps caused by heat more easily.

Heavy outdoor activities

Most people enjoy summer and summer vacations with sports and outdoor activities.

Enjoying water sports or even playing ball and various physical activities outside the home raises body temperature rapidly. These physical activities of the body in the heat of the day will lead to an increase in body temperature, especially in people whose body is not hydrated, will cause weight loss and loss of high levels of body water.

In these cases more water than before Beverages Consume and try to be more in the shade so that your body temperature does not rise suddenly.

Taking medications

People who take certain medications are more likely to be dehydrated than others. Medications such as diuretics cause a person to become more sensitive to heat.

Antibiotics make the skin more sensitive to the sun and make people who use it a lot more prone to sunburn.

The hot season is associated with such problems that can occur before the onset of heatstroke and Sun burn Prevented it. By recognizing the symptoms of heatstroke, the body can be protected from all this damage.

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