Help Correct A Highly Acidic, Diseased Body with this pH-Shifting Alkaline Juice

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When the body is in an acidic state, it becomes diseased and distressed. This pH-shifting alkaline juice can help reverse these problems to help get rid of illness and different ailments in the body.

This alkalizing juice is mineral-dense and helps shift body pH to one that is more desirable. Spinach helps to build blood, cleanse and regenerate cells, while celery helps to calm the nerves and flush out any excess waste matter. Cucumber aids in cell hydration and provides beneficial silica to help the skin and reduce concentrations of uric acid which cause inflammation in joints, muscles and tendons.

Parsley and ginger both act as detoxifying and anti-inflammatory herbs, while apples provide the ability to enhance digestion, break down toxins and lower cholesterol.

Best of all, this juice is full of chlorophyll, which is one of the best alkalizing elements of all.

Along with consuming this juice, you should also consider switching from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to one that is rich in vitamins and minerals. In other words, start consuming more fresh raw fruit and vegetables and ditch the foods that cause acidity in the body (such as wheat, soy, refined sugar, dairy, meat and cooked vegetable oils).

pH-Shifting Alkaline Juice Recipe


– 2 cups packed spinach
– 2 cups cucumber
– 5 stalks celery
– 1 bunch parsley
– 1 green apple
– 2 inches fresh ginger root


Run all of the above ingredients through your juicer and enjoy immediately.

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