Help cure ovarian cysts with traditional medicine

What are the natural ways to treat ovarian cysts and how can it be treated with traditional medicine?

Even those who have never seen an ovarian cyst on their own ultrasound have heard the complaints of other women who complain about this uninvited guest.

Although ovarian cysts are often benign and painless and can be controlled with birth control pills, ovarian cysts that form cysts form another cyst some time after treatment, and this continues for years. Soodabeh Bios, an obstetrician and teacher of traditional medicine, considers the main cause of ovarian cysts to be the wrong lifestyle choice and examines the causes of ovarian cysts from the perspective of traditional medicine.

What causes ovarian cysts?

According to traditional medicine, there are four main causes of cyst formation in the ovaries, one of which may be affected by one of these factors and another by all four factors. Obesity, blood pressure, cold and humidity are the four main causes of ovarian cysts.

1Weight gain and ovarian cysts

Accumulation of waste products in the body causes a variety of diseases. In obese people, waste products that accumulate around the uterus prevent proper blood flow and disrupt the function of the uterus; As a result, the menstrual cycle is disrupted and cysts form in the ovaries. Because of this, obesity is a major cause of infertility, and in some cases, even if a person becomes pregnant, the risk of miscarriage increases. So if you are obese, before trying any other treatment, you should definitely think about your overweight.

Lose weight

You do not need to try all kinds of weird seven-day and forty-day diets to lose weight; Just be a little restrained and say no to overeating.
‌ Do not go for food until you are hungry. As delicious as it sounds, it’s not worth the hassle of being overweight.
Stop eating before you are full. You are not going to go hungry, but you do not need to eat too much.

√ You are better than anyone at the size of your hunger and satiety; So be honest with yourself.
ور Do not eat salads and pickles with food; Because they encourage you to eat more.
. Be sure to do physical activity during the day. You are not going to exercise whenever you like; You need to have a regular daily exercise routine and follow it; Daily mobility means that the body gets tired and sweats.

2Moisture and the formation of ovarian cysts

A number of foods contain moisture and eating them makes you feel better. Any natural substance that is juicy has this property. Also, according to traditional medicine, moisture is one of the main causes of obesity. Some people say, “The more I eat the air, the fatter I get!” Do not say in vain; Because too much cold air also causes moisture and obesity. Sedentary lifestyle can also cause moisture.

People who eat moisturizing foods throughout the day are more likely to absorb moisture. Those who consume a lot of watery substances, that is, in addition to drinking water to quench their thirst, do not skip the types of juices and beverages and drink them are also at risk.

Avoid moisture

√ Drink and drink mint sweat.
. Eat cinnamon. You can put cinnamon stick in a glass of water, or drink a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and honey once in the morning and once in the evening.
. Drink ginger tea.
The combination of cinnamon powder, ginger and honey is very useful. Try to use this combination.
Exercise every day.

3- Increased blood concentration and ovarian cysts

In a perfectly healthy person, blood reaches all the organs from the heart and through the arteries. Obesity, or in traditional medicine, the large amount of waste products in the body, slows down or disrupts blood flow. When blood does not reach an organ or tissue, it is damaged. In the environment around an obese person’s uterus, waste products block blood flow and ovarian function is impaired. People who take soda are more prone to high blood pressure and are more likely to develop ovarian cysts.

Those who sleep after a meal or those who inhale a lot of perfumes, colognes, sprays, deodorants and soaps made from alcohol are not far from this danger. In addition, breathing in polluted air increases the risk of blood clots.

Circumvent blood concentration

Use blood-thinning spices in cooking. Saffron, cinnamon, mint and ginger have diluent properties.

* Garlic Helps to dilute blood by inhibiting platelet aggregation. It prevents blood clots if garlic is consumed daily and in sufficient quantities.

Eat foods that cause menstruation. Eat chickpeas. Soak the peas from the night before and change the juice several times to remove the bloating. Pour four glasses of water over the peas and let it cook well. When a glass of pea juice remains, transfer the water to a bowl and fry the peas and onions in olive oil or sesame oil. Heat the peas and onion spices, then pour the concentrated pea juice over it. Chickpea is one of the foods that causes blood to reach the ovaries.

* Do not eat beef, leftover meat, dried meat and camel meat.
* Do not eat lentils, cabbage and stale cheese.
* Do not eat salted fish and tuna. In addition to being soda, canned foods contain preservatives and should not be consumed.
* After eating, try to have a light and brief activity.

4Cold and the formation of ovarian cysts

Cold, as its name implies, is the coldness of the body. The main cause of cold is the consumption of cold foods. Another point that exacerbates it is the wrong way of eating. For example, when eating hot food, a person pours a glass of ice water and drinks, or craves yogurt and salad in the refrigerator, which seriously damages his health. Due to today’s wrong lifestyle, fast food has become a popular food for families, which is one of the main sources of cold food that you should strictly avoid eating. Fast food is often served with a large amount of sauce, which aggravates the damage.

Avoid the cold

– Do not eat fast food at all.
– Types of sauces including mayonnaise, mustard sauce, ketchup and. . . Do not use.
Excessive consumption of milk, rice, buttermilk and yogurt causes a cold.
– In preparing and cooking food, use hot spices such as cinnamon, cumin, saffron, cardamom, cloves and fennel.

Who do you have?

For women, any menstrual irregularities are a warning sign. On the other hand, when ovarian cysts are common, we give the first possibility of ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts often manifest themselves in the quantity and quality of menstruation.

Menopause may stop altogether and occur every few months, or the number of menstrual days may be very short or the blood loss may be very small. If you notice these changes, see a gynecologist for a more accurate diagnosis.

2. There may be other symptoms besides irregular menstruation; Excess hair on the chin, pimples on the face, more spots on the face or brown spots on the armpits and groin, infertility, infertility, etc. are all signs that can indicate the presence of an ovarian cyst.

3. To control the condition of an ovarian cyst, you need to closely monitor your menstrual status to notice changes. But to diagnose the disease, it is not enough to observe these symptoms, and finally, an ultrasound can determine for sure whether the person has ovarian cysts or not, and of course, the size of his cysts and their position.

What should I eat to fight ovarian cysts? What should I not eat?

A person with cysts should seek treatment as soon as possible. The first and most important step is to modify your diet. Some people do not take the role of food seriously in the treatment of this disease and prefer to take pills and be treated; While many women with cysts, their cysts are treated spontaneously using this method alone and without the need to take birth control pills.

. Do not eat foods that contain preservatives. Factory-prepared foods, such as canned foods, contain preservatives for longer shelf life. Mineral water is one of these forbidden foods.

Get used to eating parsley. You can taste parsley with vinegar and sugar or with vinegar and honey.
. Do not eat foods that are cold and phlegmatic. You should eliminate yogurt, buttermilk, cucumber, tomato, rice, fish, squash, lettuce, kiwi, cherries, peaches and plums from your diet.

√ Do not eat milk, fruit and snacks at all; Because they are very difficult to digest at the same time. So do not boost your eating with banana milk or pistachio milk.
Digestion of meat by the digestive system or the gastrointestinal tract takes 12 hours; So if you eat meat, you have to wait longer.

. Do not eat concentrated foods. Pizza, olives, helium, noodles, pasta, lasagna, offal, halva, sweets, bananas, mangoes and beans are all concentrated foods.

√ If you insist on consuming these substances, be sure to eat them with a sedative. Hot and dry spices are good for cold foods. Honey, saffron, cumin, ginger, black seed, cardamom, cinnamon, mint and aloe vera greatly reduce the harm of these substances.

. Do not eat yogurt or salad with food. Half an hour after a meal, you can eat just one of these.
غذا With food, you can eat vegetables, olives with pomegranate paste.

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