Help Reduce Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms with this Coconut Celery Cucumber Juice

Difficulty getting up in the morning? Can’t handle stress or crave salty foods? You might have adrenal fatigue. Thankfully, this coconut celery cucumber juice has the ability to help heal your symptoms and get you back on track.

There is almost some guarantee that everyone on this planet suffers from adrenal weakness. If you’re bombarded by the stresses of daily life, even if you don’t think you’re responding to things that are happening around you, your body responds without you even really knowing. Your brain will respond in the mode of fight-or-flight and your cortisol levels will rise. What does this do to your adrenal system? It devastates it.

Adrenal weakness leads to a lot of different issues like fatigue, depression and anxiety. They become weakened through lack of sleep, a rushed lifestyle, too much sugar and caffeine in the diet, consuming too much carbohydrate heavy processed foods and eating too many animal products (protein-heavy diet).

When the adrenals are weak, we need to clean them out and relax them. Getting plenty of sleep, slowing down and getting rid of fear and harnessing feelings of love and courage are steps you need to take to heal your adrenal system. Another thing you need to do is focus on flushing out the kidneys. The adrenals sit on top of the kidneys, and their connection with the kidneys is very tight-knit. The kidneys are the generators of the energy that is needed to strengthen the adrenals.

This juice contains ingredients like celery, cucumber and coconut water, all of which help to flush out the kidneys and get rid of toxins at a faster rate. They also contain incredibly healing vitamins and minerals like potassium, natural sodium and magnesium, which help calm the nervous system signals to and from the brain, thus relaxing the body.

Hydrate your kidneys with this juice to help keep your adrenals working strong!

Coconut Celery Cucumber Juice Recipe


– 2 cups coconut water
– 6 celery stalks
– 1 large cucumber
– 5 large carrots


Juice all of the above ingredients and add in coconut water at the end. Enjoy!

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