Help unclog your veins with these vegetables

Consuming this type of vegetables is essential and vital for those whose heart arteries are in a stable and chronic condition.

When taking anticoagulant drugs, you should pay attention to food interactions. Some foods intensify the effect of these drugs. Syed Ali Fatemi, a pharmacist, said: Anticoagulants are different from anticoagulants. Some drugs prevent the formation of a clot, and some dissolve it after the formation of a clot to open the vein.

He added: Anticoagulants are usually used in the emergency room or ambulance, and they are injectable and preventive and do not allow clots to form at all.

Fatemi clarified: Normal people do not need to use anticoagulants and they should take these drugs when they experience blood clots and are worried that the blood vessels will bleed.

He stated: Anticoagulants help to aggravate bleeding and can cause bad drug interactions.

October 5, 2013 14:48

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