Help with smart software to detect breast cancer

The use of artificial intelligence helps researchers in the treatment of breast cancer. Mammography test with the help of computer software has made it possible to diagnose breast cancer in the early stages. Unnecessary is reduced.

Recently, researchers have been able to develop artificial intelligence software that can reliably interpret mammography tests and help doctors quickly and accurately predict the risk of breast cancer to avoid unnecessary breast biopsies. This computer software can sensitively and directly convert patient tables into diagnostic information, and it does so with 30 times human speed and 99% accuracy. In fact, the software intelligently scans millions of recorded data in a short period of time, enabling physicians to diagnose breast cancer risk more efficiently and accurately using mammography testing. This can reduce the risk of histology in them.
The research team used artificial intelligence software to evaluate mammography tests and pathology reports of 500 patients with breast cancer. The software scans patient tables, collects diagnostic information, and links mammographic imaging findings to breast cancer subgroup information.
Physicians use these results, such as the release of tumor proteins, to accurately predict the likelihood of breast cancer in each patient. At present, when mammography tests are divided into questionable classifications, they show a wide range of 3 to 95% of the risk of cancer, and patients can perform tissue resection accordingly. More than 1.6 million breast transplants are performed annually in the United States, and about 20 percent of them are unnecessary because of the false-positive mammogram test results in the absence of breast cancer. The research team hopes that this AI software can help physicians better define the percentage of risk associated with biopsies to reduce the risk of unnecessary biopsies.
Source: Al-Doctor

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