Herpes and its home remedies

Many people do not know the difference between cold sores and sores around the lips. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus in childhood. Cold sores occur when a child or adult’s saliva becomes infected. Dr. Michael Murray, an expert in home remedies, says that the virus can remain hidden and inactive in your body for years, unless something like anxiety, the flu, or stressful activities activates it. Dr. Murray has suggested some home remedies for cold sores.
Vaseline contains a protective wound layer and sometimes prevents the inflammation from being transmitted to another person.
Lemon balm plant
It has antiviral properties. In one study, when participants were asked to apply Negboye balm to their cold sores, the results showed that their cold sores healed within 5 to 6 days. This plant can reduce the frequency of herpes.
Peppermint oil
The use of peppermint oil is very effective for the treatment of herpes. This oil has strong penetrating effects and attacks the herpes virus as soon as it is detected.
Toothpaste, alcohol and salt
In the book “Encyclopedia of Home Remedies” written by Dr. Murray, it is stated that to treat herpes, mix a little toothpaste with a drop of alcohol and salt and then apply this paste to your herpes. You will feel a lot of burning sensation but the blisters will dry up very quickly without spreading or getting bigger.
Use sunscreen
If you get cold sores a lot, try not to be too hot. Never go outside without applying sunscreen on your face and around your mouth. Herpes seeds are very sensitive to the heat of the sun.
The first and most important step to take care of and protect yourself and your family against the spread of infection is proper hygiene. Try to always wash your hands, especially if you have touched your lips and mouth.


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