Hiding cancer from the immune system with platelets

How can cancer be hidden from the body’s immune system? If this can be done, we will take a big step in suppressing this disease. According to the results of studies by scientists and researchers, it was concluded that when we suppress the immune system’s soldier cells using platelets, we can keep cancer cells hidden from the immune system’s view.

According to IRNA scientific news group from Science Daily database on Saturday, blood platelets secrete a type of molecule that suppresses the activity of T cells in the immune system. This molecule, called TGF-beta, has been identified for years because of its role in cancer growth.

Most TGF-beta molecules are inactive. New studies show that the platelet surface has a protein called GARP that traps TGF-beta molecules and activates them. Platelets circulate throughout the body through the bloodstream and help form clots. On the other hand, platelets are the main source of TGF-beta molecules, which keep tumor cells hidden from the immune system by suppressing T cells in the immune system.

Animal experiments show that cell therapy in combination with antiplatelet drugs such as aspirin is more effective in treating melanoma (the most common type of skin cancer).

This study needs further investigation and can lead to effective treatments for cancer. The results of this study have been published in Science Immunology.


May 17, 2016 09:40

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