High appetite and these consequences

What adverse effects does excessive appetite have on people and how can it be prevented? Excessive craving and desire to overeat is very harmful and dangerous, which can involve people and cause overweight, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. And other diseases!

Sometimes a person has a false appetite, which is caused by sending messages to the brain that the body reacts to called hunger.

Dr. Payam Farah Bakhsh, a nutritionist, said: When the hunger command is sent to the brain, the body shows a defensive reaction to it and forces a person to eat food, and this decrease in blood sugar is the physiological cause of hunger.

He added: Neurological and psychological causes also play an important role in hunger. Also, sometimes a person gets a false appetite for eating, so it is recommended that a person change the surrounding environment or that a person can entertain himself by doing daily tasks that one One of these ways to solve this situation is chewing gum.

In the end, he said: If these solutions do not work, we can use non-starchy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, and mushrooms, which can fill the stomach with the least amount of calories and satisfy a person’s desire. Reduce eating high-calorie foods.

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2 November 1394 15:45

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