Highlight the best parts of your face

Once upon a time, only actors’ make-up artists knew the secrets of highlighting the cheeks and shining the skin, but now the tricks of highlighting and contouring are common knowledge among makeup fans.

If you want prominent cheeks, a narrower nose, or a smaller forehead, use Christina Farrell’s tricks.

First step: foundation

Farrell says: First, apply a foundation that matches your skin tone as usual. This gives an initial cover to the skin and forms the basis of facial makeup. It will also make your skin feel comfortable and light even when you use bronzers and highlighters.

Second step: lighter foundation

Choose a foundation that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin to create a dramatic contrast with your base foundation.

Use a sponge to apply a lighter foundation to the center of your forehead, Farrell says. From there, draw a narrow line to the middle of the nose and then continue this line to the ridge above the lips.

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Draw a finger-sized line from the outer corner of the eyes to the outer edge of the nose. Note that this line should be the same on both sides of the face. Don’t forget to draw a small circle on the chin and under the arch of the eyebrows.

Third step: contouring

Start the contouring process with a bronzer. If your skin is light, use a powder that is two degrees darker than your natural skin color.

Dip your makeup brush in a darker color. Fill in the outer edges of the chin. Work the thin line between the highlighted parts of the nose, behind the eyelids and the side edges of the forehead. For the cheeks, start from the part of the cheek bone that is almost in the middle of the eyes and continue towards the ears.

Fourth step: highlight

A highlighting powder allows you to highlight your desired facial features. Farrell recommends highlighting only under the cheekbones, but you can also highlight the forehead, nose, and other areas.

Farrell says the general approach is to highlight only the inner parts of your face, such as under the eyes, the center of the nose and forehead, the center of the chin, and under the browbones. These particular spots are darker than the rest and make your face look puffy. By highlighting these points, your face will be brighter and fuller.

Step 5: Check the result

Is there a point you missed? Do you need to fade your makeup more? Now check your freshly made up face in the mirror. I am sure that now you will understand the difference between a beautiful face and a careless makeup!

Using a combination of highlighting and contouring techniques, while covering the flaws of the face, makes its desired features more prominent. For example, you can draw attention to your eyes by removing dark circles under the eyes, Farrell says. If you think your nose is too narrow, highlighting the middle and sides of the nose will help make it appear wider, and lightly contouring the outer layers will give it more dimension.


May 15, 2013 20:58

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