Holes in artificial species

Recently, people have tended to many different surgeries in the field of various skin and hair beautification methods. In this article, we refer to cosmetic surgery called chal cheek.

In addition to the surprising and strange procedures for the beauty of the face and body, such as mustache and cheek implants, special surgeries for taking selfies, Botox, plastic surgery, prosthesis, suction, nose surgeries and height-raising surgery, “pit cheek” surgery has recently become fashionable. .

Sometimes the desire for beauty in people forces them to do strange things, and recently the planting of holes on the stock market has come, which at first was a bit far-fetched and unusual. Although the cost of cosmetic surgery, especially the implantation of large species, is exorbitant and useless, the poor people of the society also spend significant sums of money on their beauty along with the rich people.

What is a cheekbone?

You may have noticed that some people have small, beautiful cavities on their cheeks when they smile or laugh. Many people believe that this small hole adds to the beauty, which is why some people undergo various surgeries and cosmetic procedures to have a cheekbone.

The natural and congenital dimples of the face are caused by the fact that when smiling and laughing, the skin and muscles of the cheeks are contracted and pulled into the face, which creates small cavities on the cheeks that are inclined to the cheeks.

In some parts of the world, cheek implants are also called “smile designs” or “smile dimples” because these small holes appear when you smile or laugh. Many people have this hole naturally, congenitally and genetically and are even dissatisfied with it, but others spend millions of tomans to have these small holes, and this is a matter of taste.

Many Hollywood actors and stars also have dimples and are mostly artificial; Many people around the world also follow this surgery following their favorite star.

How is cheek implant surgery performed?

This cosmetic surgery is usually done from the inside and the fatty tissue is cut from the inside of the mouth where people want to be hollowed out or it is only collected with the help of small sutures, but this operation is very delicate and if not done carefully, deep and long holes may be. It is created if a person reduces his beauty or no difference occurs before and the action is useless.

In addition, by performing rhinoplasty or suctioning of facial fat located in the cheek areas, the cheeks may become more prominent and two small cavities may appear under them. On the other hand, a cheek prosthesis may also cause a cheek hole, but it needs to be repaired and rebuilt several times.

In consultation with cosmetic surgeons, people can choose one of these ways according to their facial anatomy and request. This surgery does not require general anesthesia and can be performed under local anesthesia, which is an outpatient procedure. It is said that most cheek implant surgeries are performed on women and sometimes require general anesthesia.

If the sutures that are made from the inside of the mouth to form a dimple are well connected, these cavities will remain on the face for a very long time, but otherwise people can only enjoy it for several months or years. If these holes form through suction or cheek prosthesis, they need to be repaired and rebuilt from time to time.

Does pit planting have scientific medical support?

Interestingly, in many cases, dimples are caused by a defect in the muscles of the face, which is why sometimes one side of the face has a dimple and the other does not. It may be funny that some people spend a lot of money on a facial defect to enhance their beauty, and more interestingly, some doctors agree to do so.

In medicine, many physicians and researchers agree that pit surgery is unscientific and has not been addressed in any of the scientific topics of plastic surgery. In other words, it is the desire for modern human beauty that is trying every new way to make itself more beautiful.

Most medical surgeons believe that plastic surgery should only be used to correct serious internal and external defects and problems, and consider such operations to be unfounded, and therefore not only do not recommend such operations, but also do not do any. Sometimes they do not agree to do it. On the other hand, some surgeons consider this kind of work to be the inalienable right of the patient. Meanwhile, some doctors believe that the implantation of a dimple has no effect on a person’s beauty.

What are the side effects of a cheek implant?

Studies and research in the United States on people who have undergone cheek surgery have shown that people may not be able to laugh or talk as they used to because of an abnormal cheekbone on their face; In other words, they may lose their facial expressions. In addition, due to pressure on some parts of the face and around the lips, those parts wrinkle after laughing or talking for a while.

Sometimes during this surgery, some nerves in the cheeks and around the mouth are affected and those areas become local anesthesia. Complications of this operation include infection in the mouth, bleeding, numbness of part of the face, wrinkles in the mouth, swelling and bruising of the face, damage to the muscles of the mouth and the need for reconstructive surgery.

Can a mother plant a hole for her child?

Unfortunately, there is a misconception among people, especially the uneducated, that if shortly after the baby is born, the mother regularly presses part of her cheeks because the baby’s ossicles and muscles are formed in the first months after birth. It is flexible, the child has a cheekbone.

This belief is completely wrong and has no medical support. Many people have this hole naturally, congenitally and genetically, otherwise they can resort to surgery or cosmetic procedures such as prosthetics and suction.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the number of fans and applicants of this outpatient operation is increasing day by day and the cost of performing it is about 2 million Tomans or a little more and it is classified in the category of relatively cheap surgeries.

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