Home remedies for dry and rough hands

hands One of the most used Are body parts. From the hands Used for daily tasks. Many people They do not take care of their hands because of this Dry It gets rough and old Many factors ، As Dry air، cold weather، Low humidity، Getting exposed to Sunlight, Overuse of Water, Getting exposed to chemicals Chlorine Pool and use Soap dries the hands Other factors such as diseases Skin, Like Psoriasis and eczema, and also Allergies To Some medications Can also bDryness occurs.But Do not despair. you can Your hands Soften and rejuvenate with simple home remedies

here 10 Home remedy for Hand Dry and Rough we introduce:

1. olive oil

Antioxidants And fatty acids Healthy In olive oil To Hand Dry is good. ان را Soft, And It moisturizes. Furthermore, It has anti-aging properties. Your hands With some olive oil Warm for 5 to 10 Minutes twice a day Massage to have soft hands Mixed Equal amount of olive oil And sugar also it is good. This Scrub Homemade With Circular motion Massage for a few minutes. 5 minutes wait, Then With lukewarm water, Rinse Twice in the week To soften Use your hands

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal Healer Another important for Hand Dry and It is rough. A cleaner Natural and Peeler Is Furthermore, Existence Protein in ان Prevents dry skin on the hands With Mixed 2 tbsp Oatmeal ، ½ Up to 1 Teaspoon of honey And A little water Make a poultice. You can also A little Lemon juice new add This mixture Touch. 10 minutes later With hot water RinseDo it once a week

3. coconut oilUnique composition Fatty acids the door coconut oil For dry skin Useful Is. Furthermore, Damaged skin exposed to ultra violet Harmful The sun decreases. coconut oil Hot Good for hands.About 5 minutes Using movements circular Massage your hands if you use coconut oil and Gloves Wear one night It’s better to stay.Do this every day. You can also Avocado، grape seed, جوجوبا or almond oil For massage Hand use.Fat content Top of them as One Humidifier Natural for Hand Dry and Rough is used. Furthermore, Lactic acid the door ان Useful for skin care
4. Milk cream
Hands with cream fresh milk To Duration 10 minutes Massage data , Then Rinse with lukewarm water. You can do this every day
With Mixed 2 teaspoons خامه Milk and 2 tablespoons Flour A warm paste is obtained that stays on the hands for 15 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water. This 2 or 3 Recommended once a week

5. HoneyHoney A moisturizer normal Is that Properties Antioxidants، It has antimicrobial. Helps keep hands moist and soft Furthermore, Has properties anti-aging Skin Is. A little honey Hit the hand the door About Rub for 10 minutes. Then With lukewarm water Wash every day 1 or 2 Bar Do this to have soft hands. another method, Mixed Equal amount of Honey and Glycerin is that 10 minutes wait And then Rinse with lukewarm water once a day Recommended
Or A few drops Lemon juice and Olive oil to 2 teaspoons Pour honey and rub on your hands. When dry, wash with lukewarm water. How many Do this once a week

6. AloeveraAloevera And has properties Humidifier It’s normal that To Moisture retention the door Dry skin and Rough helps One Leaves Aloevera Cut fresh to extract the gel. gel Pour in the hand and slowly for a couple of minutes Massage 10 Up to 15 minutes Then rinse with lukewarm water.1 or 2 Times a dayDo this treatment


7. Lemon juiceLemon juice A cleanser Good To Skin Is that Softens and smoothes the skin. Besides that ،Brightens the skin and removes blemishes Mixed Equal amount of Lemon juice, Honey and baking soda Combine and massage your hands for one minute 5 minutes Next with water Hot Wash. Once or twice in the week Do this
You can also Juice of 1 fresh lemon And Honey And pour hot water into a small tub. Hand Your Put in this mixture for 10 minutes. After washing bit of Oil Vitamin E Or olive oil To maintain the level Humidity Use the skin This treatment را How many Do it once a week

yogurt8. yogurt

yogurt Factor Humidifier Another is natural Can With Hand Dry and Rough to fight. Furthermore, Lactic acid In us As A cleanser It’s normal that as Peeler To destroy Dead skin cells are usedWith A tablespoon of jam it’s our fault new Simple Your hands slowly And For Massage for 10 minutes And then With Rinse with warm water. Do this every day
Alternatively, with Mixed 2 teaspoons Simple yogurt And flour Hot BMake a dough This Dough Beat with your hands to dry the dough Eventually, Rinse with lukewarm water. 1 or 2 Do this once a week


9. the banana has arrivedthe banana Too ripe To treatment Dry skin and Rough is useful، And that Due to Properties Humidifier It is. also Wrinkles and Tiny lines Destroys the skin. 1 x the banana Too ripe Crush and rub by hand. the door About 30 minutes Next With Rinse with lukewarm water. Another way, in half the banana has arrived، A little honey And olive oil, hit And Mix well. This Dough Tap on the hand 15 to 20 Rinse later with lukewarm water. using Each of these Solutions of At least once in Week.

Avocado mask


Avocados contain vitamins A, C and E as well as saturated fats, which help treat dry skin. Mash the ripe avocado and mix with 1 tablespoon of honey. Beat this dough with your hands and leave it for 10 minutes, then wash it off with cold water

It is also recommended to use avocado oil on the hands and massage it before the massage bath once a day.

“> Do not use harsh soaps to wash your hands
Do not use dryers instead Wear cotton gloves when doing housework or gardening.

Exfoliate your hands at least once a week

“> When working out in the gym, especially with dumbbells and other weights, wear gloves to prevent dry skin.

Eat foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to have good skin

Massage your fingers for ten minutes, palms and upper hands to improve blood flow
Do not wash your hands with too hot or too cold water

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