Home remedy for constipation with wholemeal bread

We use a lot of bread daily. But which bread has the most health and properties? White bread has less nutritional value than white bread. Whole grain bread or black bread contains more vitamins and fiber than white bread. It is even effective in treating constipation.

The vice president of food and medicine of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences said: The fiber in whole grain bread reduces constipation.

In an interview with ISNA reporter of Lorestan region, Dr. Reza Sephond stated that the use of white bread is common among the people, and said: White bread does not have good nutritional value and too much bran has been taken from it.

He continued: “Unfortunately, the salts, vitamins, fiber and bran present in wheat are taken from white bread, and its nutritional value decreases.”

Sephond said: The fiber in whole grain bread leads to water absorption, which is important in digestion and reducing constipation.

Vice President of Food and Drug of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences stated: Dark bread means whole grain bread.

Pointing out that not every dark bread has bran, he added: Toasted and browned breads not only do not have bran, but can be the cause of cancer.

Sepahund stated: There is a need to institutionalize the culture of using wholemeal bread among the people, because it is the dominant force among the people.

Source: Farsi news

November 8, 1395 13:12

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