Homemade Electrolyte Energy Drink: Orange Coconut “Gatorade”

Image via Caitlin Regan / Flickr

If you’re still drinking gatorade or other energy drinks found in convenience stores – then you need this recipe. This orange coconut “gatorade” drink is 100% homemade, natural, and contains 0 refined sugars, artificial colours, and other chemical preservatives often found in synthetic electrolyte-replenishing drinks.

Making your own homemade electrolyte-filled energy drink is the best way to ensure your body is provided with the right ingredients. Coconut water will help infuse your cells with potassium, magnesium, sodium and chloride, and will leave you feeling 1000x better than any synthetic electrolyte drink on the market today.

Oranges and lemons are also full of vitamins and minerals that help replenish the body and provide it with natural fruit sugars that energize and revitalize.

Orange Coconut “Gatorade” Recipe


– 4 medium-sized oranges, peeled
– 1 lemon, peeled
– 1 cup young coconut water
Optional: 4 celery stalks (contains cell salts for sodium replenishment)


You could use a hand juicer and juice the oranges and lemon, and then combine with coconut water, and leave out the celery. Or, you could use a powered juicer like the Omega or Breville, and juice the oranges, lemon and celery, then add in the coconut water afterward. Totally up to you!

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