Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe To Help Reduce Chronic Inflammation, Pain & Upset Tummies

This super easy homemade ginger ale recipe tastes amazing, and is about 200 times better for you than conventional “ginger ale” soda. I felt inspired to create this recipe when I saw some ginger ale on my kitchen table, wondering why it was there. My sister was sick at the time, and she said it was the only thing that made her feel better. I remember, too, when I used to get sick as a young child, and my mom would give me ginger ale. So, I thought, why not make a real, raw version of the conventional junk you buy in stores?

Soda is loaded with caffeine and will give you an un-natural buzz. It is also full of refined sugar, which will leave you feeling sicker for longer, and also provide you with a not-so-lovely sugar crash.

This real, natural ginger ale recipe contains living, raw ingredients to help battle inflammation, ease pain, and upset tummies. Ginger root has been used in China for over 2,000 years to help treat stomach problems, nausea, arthritis and heart conditions. It also acts as an antihistamine and decongestant, making it one of the best remedies for relieving cold and flu symptoms.

Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe


– 2 cups filtered water, or naturally sparkling mineral water (I use regular water, because my stomach can’t handle the carbonation of sparkling water)
– 1 tsp. organic dark maple syrup (the darker, the more mineral dense)
– 3 inches ginger root
– 1 lemon, juiced
– 4 leaves holy basil (or regular basil – holy basil has more benefits)
Optional: pinch cayenne


1. Juice your ginger root with a juicer, or, grate it finely and squeeze out ginger juice with a fine-mesh strainer or nut-milk bag.
2. Combine ginger juice, maple syrup, lemon, water, cayenne pepper and holy basil in a large mason jar. Shake well.
3. You can sip on this throughout the day, or let it sit overnight to allow the flavours to mend, and enjoy the day after.

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