Hormone therapy and its treatment

Unfortunately, with the proliferation of infertility among young people, their need for hormone therapy with so-called hormone therapy is increasing.

Dr. Abdolrasoul Akbarian, a professor at the university, said that in a panel we will study hormone therapy, the use of drugs that are hormonally permissible for women, and the prevention of diseases that lead to infertility. Required and خواهد will be examined ‌.

“Hormone therapy is more suitable for menopausal women and women at risk for osteoporosis, as well as for relieving hot flashes and neurological problems,” he said. “Hormone therapy should be used under medical supervision and with caution.”

“If hormone therapy is used in a timely manner, it can lead to a better quality of life for people,” he said. And it is very helpful in terms of longevity and prevention of osteoporosis.

He concluded by emphasizing that hormone therapy is also effective in fertility: about 30% of infertile young people need hormone therapy.

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