How and when to use hair serum?

Many questions may arise for every woman about beauty, in this section they are answered with the help of good hairdressers.

What color is not suitable for cold skin

If your skin tone is cold, we advise you to look for colors in which there are smoky and neutral shades, and in specialized language, the hair color should be so-called A or N. There is no red color in this number and instead it has a tonality of gold and as a result it can neutralize the pink color in your skin and make your face look more beautiful.

If the natural color of your skin and hair is light and you are so-called blonde, it is better to look for beige colors, if you have brown hair and eyes, look for chocolate colors with an aura of burnt brown color, but we recommend that because of the pink tone in your skin Avoid copper and cherry wine colors, and finally, if you really like red color, it is better to settle for a reddish brown color; This type of brown contrasts with the pink color of your skin, but it does not match it very well.

Can the tattoo be removed with cream?

Tattoo removal creams, which are mentioned as alternatives to laser or surgery, often have two main forms: types that contain TCA (trichloroacetic acid), which is a type of peeling chemical acid, and are mostly found in solution form, but also in gel or cream forms. There is one that works by burning the upper layer of the skin, but it carries the risk of wounding and it cannot be used in cases such as lips, eyes or other sensitive areas.

These creams can be used in people with very light skin and can lead to serious complications in people with wheatish or dark skin, and non-TCA creams that include lightening, exfoliating and whitening compounds. These creams are used to lighten the tattoo for a long time and make the tattoo more faded.

How and when to use hair serum?

To use hair serum, there is a very simple technique that must be followed. Put a few drops of hair serum on your hand and apply it to your hair shaft. Also, pay attention to this point that the hair should never be placed on the scalp, because in this case your hair will look very greasy and it will be difficult to shape it. It is better to use serum before and after brushing because hair serum has a high melting point and evaporates after brushing. For dry hair, it is better to use it after every shower, but if you have normal hair, twice a week is enough.

What to do with a swollen face?

When the face swells, the best thing to do is to use a combination of light and dark colors to cover the swelling. In general, dark colors and shades make the face appear smaller and light colors and shades more prominent; That is, if you want to make a part of the face like the nose look small, you should use a dark shade, and if you want to make the forehead more prominent, go for light shades and colors.

For this, you need several colors of powder or shadow; For a dark color, you can use tanning creams or powders that are one or two degrees darker than your natural skin color; Don’t forget a shining cream or powder a little brighter than your skin color; Remember to use big makeup brushes for a better combination of colors.

Make your lipstick last

If you put a little powder on your lips before applying lipstick, the longevity of the lipstick will increase. To maintain the shape of the lips and prevent them from drying and flaking, apply vitamin E cream on your lips before applying blush, and to remove lipstick, clean your lips with glycerin and then wash.


When should we apply shampoo to dyed hair?

In order for the hair color to last, the first thing to know when washing your hair is that you should not shampoo and wash your hair for at least 24 hours after dyeing, so that the color can penetrate well into the hair shaft. In addition, you should know that washing less hair is equal to longer lasting hair color because when you wash your hair a lot, the shampoo washes off the natural oils on the hair that protect the color. In fact, the best way is to wash your hair twice a week, if your hair is too oily to the extent that the hair roots look completely dirty, you can use the dry shampoo technique.

Source: Ideal Life magazine

May 10, 2014 14:04

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