How can we always have enjoyable sex?

One of the factors that can strengthen relationships and make them more intimate is having hot and enjoyable sex. But for most couples, this relationship has become normal after a while and will not have any pleasure. But how can we keep our sex hot? Be with Dr. Salam.

After a few years of living together, this long-term sex may give you a feeling of security, comfort, and encouragement. But this feeling is not permanent and needs care and maintenance to always be warm and hot.

After a few years of living together with your spouse, this long-term sex is likely to give you a sense of security, comfort, and encouragement. So much so that you are not even sensitive to the clothes you wear in front of your spouse, even if there is a big food stain on that dress! But this feeling is not permanent and needs care and maintenance to always be warm and hot.

What can be done to prevent sexual intercourse with your spouse?

New research from the University of Toronto shows that The secret to a happy sex life in a long-term relationship is tremendous effort.

For the study, researchers surveyed 1,900 people to find out how satisfied they were with their sex lives, and based on the answers, the researchers divided participants into groups. “Believes in sexual growth” (For example, those who think that sexual satisfaction is the result of working on it) and “Believes in sexual destiny” (Those who think that sexual satisfaction comes with finding a compatible sexual partner.) They found that those who believed in working on sex had better results in sex.

Scientists also found that There is a honeymoon stage for all couples that lasts about 2 to 3 years. At this time, both groups, those who believed in the growth of sex and those who believed in sexual destiny were satisfied with their sex lives.. But After this stage, people who thought that sexual satisfaction required effort and progress were more satisfied.

They also found that women tended to be half-lost and romantically more destined for fashion, but despite these fantasies, more men believed that maintaining sex required effort, creativity, practice, and maintenance and renewal..

Jessica Maxwell, lead author of the study, says:We know that in a long-term relationship, sex is not always great, and sexual desire often decreases. The people who are best prepared to face the challenges are those who have a practical view of sex and are ready to strive to improve their sexuality..

Final note: Trying to improve your sex life actually improves your sex life. It may just be a little late.

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