How do you mascara your eyelids? It’s easy.

If you ask any woman about a product that she can not go out of the house without using it, 9 out of 10 women, even myself, will answer with mascara!

Although mascara is the most widely used cosmetic product, most people do not use it properly! Different brands recommend applying 1 to 2 coats of mascara, but it has been reported that women sometimes apply up to 30 coats of mascara! Joanna Sklip, the famous Physicists Formula hairdresser, suggests simple tricks to make better use of mascara.

Curl your eyelashes for more beauty. If you curl your lashes before applying mascara, you can use fewer layers of mascara. First, place the curling iron on the root of your lashes, press and hold for 5 seconds.

Gently change the way you hold it and cut the lashes in the middle of the lashes. Press again and wait 3 seconds. Repeat for the lashes and wait for 3 seconds.

Now remove the mascara. Apply the mascara from the root to the tip, in a zigzag motion, to the middle, inside and outside of the lashes. For more careful use, always remove excess mascara from the mascara stick.

The dried product makes it harder for the mascara to stick to the lashes, so you feel like you need more layers. The cleaner the mascara brush, the more material will stick to the liquid when you apply the mascara.

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