How familiar are you with your edible personality?

We all pay attention to its well-known tools for weight loss, namely exercise and diet. But the fact is that there is a third factor that can be as effective as the other two factors in the success and quality of your weight loss, and that Edible personality Is you. Yes, as people do in their behaviors and reactions Personality types They have special, in the field of nutrition and weight loss Character They have something special. Some people easily eat any food, while for others it is necessary to know all its contents in advance.

That’s why I know this Personality types It can help us choose the diet or diet that best suits our personality and thus our chances of success are much higher. In this article from Dr. Salam, we take a look at these types of foods and tips that can help each group better achieve their goals in weight loss and fitness.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution

– As we said Character typeBehavior patterns, stimuli, topics of interest, and other motivational factors can play an important role in your success in adhering to a diet and adhering to it until you achieve the desired result. Many diets are written without considering one’s own role in the diet, without knowing the factors influencing behavior and Character It is impossible to provide a diet plan that can be tailored to your needs and characteristics and produce the best results. Edible personality Everyone, like Behavioral personality He is unique. However, there are general groups that we can Edible personality Categorize people into them in general. Here are the top five groups Edible personality We review the individuals along with the characteristics of each group.

1) Accurate and disciplined

– These groups are more interested in structure and discipline than anything else, and this tendency is reflected in their lives. These people usually wake up at a certain time each day, probably eat the same foods as usual and go to work, and do not have a significant variety of diets. These people have a brilliant performance with a proper plan and it is better to go to diets that have prepared a detailed plan of what they should eat during the day and during the diet.

2) Freelancers

– These are the assembly of warm-ups and well-to-do people who are more interested in what is interesting to them than in order. These people usually choose diets because of their general preference or personal attractiveness, and they enjoy dieting more than they do dieting. These people are usually committed to their program and never fully implement a program and therefore never get the right results from their efforts. For these people, avoiding commitment is a good diet plan that leaves them free to choose, but at the same time puts the responsibility on the individual to have an incentive to end the diet. Appropriate diet plans for this group of people should include menus that allow the person to choose between several types of food and snacks so that everything is not boring and repetitive. Of course, all of these are taken into account and only the person is given the opportunity to choose between predetermined options.

3) Heroes

– These are people who are so involved in helping their family, friends and relatives that attention to personal health and nutrition is at the bottom of their list of priorities. Usually mothers and fathers, nurses, police officers and social workers fall into this category. These people pay so much attention to the situation of others that they do not have time to pay attention to themselves. Helping these people to regain their priorities and attention to their own needs can change their situation. For this category, a proper diet should include very simple meals, snacks and pre-prepared foods, and use a slow cooker to make the most of your time. Also, having accurate shopping lists, low-cooking foods along with a very simple diet plan can help these people care a little about themselves and their health.

4) Stubborn

Stubborn people are usually very smart and effective people, but in the face of their health problems, they usually deny or clear the face of the problem. The reason for this is that once a problem is confirmed, they have to work on solving it, which they may fail to do. To deal with the fear of failure of this group, it is better to prepare the diet in an advantage-oriented way so that people can see the positive effects of the diet and hope to continue the program. In fact, these people should be given a reason to move instead of a path in order to be successful.

5) Rebels

– As the name implies, these categories are completely unpredictable. But if they turn their minds towards a goal, they will be among the most motivated human beings. These people like to find their own way and do not like numerous and strict rules and regulations. But this feature makes it difficult to exercise, the size of meals and the timing between them. The best diet for these people is a diet that determines only the general lines of movement and leaves the choice to the person. Controlling the size of meals, dealing with bulimia and regulating your eating time is the best way to do this. Character type help.

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