How is a mole formed?

If the skin changes color and is clear, that spot is called a mole. The mole can be acquired or congenital. A clear edge is formed. The moles are classified according to the constituent cell.

In the skin of the body, there are fat cells, epidermal cells and melanoma cells. We have different types of moles, depending on which cell grows well. For example, if the epidermal cell grows benignly, we have an epidermal mole, if the fat cell grows benign, we have a sebaceous mole and similarly a melanocyte mole. The most common type of mole is melanocyte.

What are the causes of mole formation?

The first stage is a melanocyte mole; That is, the cells proliferate but do not highlight, produce pigment, and turn black. In the second stage, the mole grows over time. Part of it is in the epidermis and part of it goes into the underlying cells and fades. In the third stage, it becomes a fleshy mole, that is, it has a protrusion and it is called intradermal mole.

Should moles cause fear and anxiety?

A mole is dangerous, but it is so unlikely that we say someone with a mole should not worry. If someone has a lot of moles and white skin, spends a lot of time in the sun or uses a solarium, and if the spot changes, he should pay attention.

Is removing a mole a problem? Why do some people get cancer after a mole is removed?

Removing the mole is not a problem, but someone who notices a malignancy after removing the mole is because the mole was malignant from the beginning. We do not operate on a mole out of fear, except in suspicious cases where we sample the mole. The dermatologist will find out if the mole is dangerous.

Do all moles have to be removed for biopsy?

No, it is not necessary. Of course, it is scientifically correct, but because sampling is expensive, it is done according to the doctor. For people who are obsessed or in suspicious cases, a biopsy is done.

What do you think about blue spots?

We have a type of mole that is the size of a lentil or sometimes larger. The base of these moles is black, but when the mole gets deeper, it turns blue. We remove these moles if they are in the hand, but it is not necessary to remove them if they are in the foot.

What is meant by colloid?

Colloid means extra meat. Some people have extra meat after surgery. Or in some people, the place where the ear is pierced becomes a colloid and the place becomes prominent. The colloid has nothing to do with the mole, it is difficult to treat, but it is possible.

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