How is it possible for the hands to become fresher and younger?

One of the parts that undergo many changes with the passage of life in many people and looking at it is reminiscent of the passage of life, are the hands. It is interesting that the hands and neck are among the first parts that are noticed by other people. Therefore, attention to rejuvenation and Their rejuvenation is one of the most effective parts of the overall rejuvenation of every human being.What happens in the hands over time is very similar to the face. It means that the fat under the skin gradually dissolves, the amount of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid of the skin decreases, and at the same time, under the influence of sunlight, we create spots caused by it, in addition to spots caused by the deposition of various substances (lipofuschin pigment) on the entire back surface of the hand. to be The result of all these changes is a thin, dry and spotted skin, through which you can see the jaundice and blood vessels, and the distance between the bones seems to be sunken.

And prevention and treatment methods:
If you have paid attention to the above explanations, the treatment includes the replacement of all the substances that are decreasing with the passage of time:
1) Replacement of collagen and elastin: which we try to replace again by taking different drugs and lasers. These days, PRP platelet injection has helped to replace collagen.
2) Hyaluronic acid replacement: which is responsible for keeping water and creating moisture in the tissue, and now fillers along with PRP platelets are very effective in this refreshing.
3) Fat replacement: by injecting fat together with PRP platelets, which not only adds a natural layer full of stem cells under the skin and causes the jaundice and veins to be covered, but also increases the texture of stem cells. The number of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and any substance that is deficient.
4) Prevention and treatment of spots: Unfortunately, the culture of protecting the skin from the sun and other harmful environmental factors is not widespread in the society. Use of sunscreen, gloves (to protect against the sun or washing dishes) and moisturizer to prevent many skin changes. It is obvious.
But when the spots are formed, the treatment usually includes the use of different drug combinations and lasers. In recent years, fat injection along with PRP platelets has helped tremendously to improve the spots.


Therefore, in short, hand rejuvenation is done with the help of the following methods:
1) Medicinal compounds: to improve dry skin, reduce blemishes and protect against the sun
2) Laser: to increase the collagen of the skin, increase the thickness of the skin and reduce blemishes
3): PRP to improve skin dryness, increase collagen, elastin, skin thickness and reduce spots
4) Fillers: to replace hyaluronic acid and refresh and thicken the skin
5) Fat injection: to replace the subcutaneous fat, cover the yellow spots and marked veins under the skin and overall skin rejuvenation
6) Stem cell injection (except fat injection): through special methods, their condensed form can be obtained and used for rejuvenation.


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