How is the prevalence of cancers in different regions of Iran?

Mohammad Reza Mir said about the common cancers in the country: the type of cancer spread in different regions of Iran is different from each other. For example, prostate cancer is the most common in Yazd province and stomach cancer is common in Ardabil, but if we want to refer to the prevalence of cancer in Iran in general, the most common cancer among women is breast cancer, and among men, stomach cancer is more common than other cancers. has been Colon, lung, prostate, and breast cancers are among the most common cancers in the country. He announced that 95,000 to 100,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Iran every year, and unfortunately, this number is increasing. ist, said: Most of these cancers are known, but sometimes cancers are observed that rarely occur in patients; Like soft tissue cancer that is concentrated in a part of the body. Of course, such cancers are rare and therefore the number of patients cannot be announced.

The head of Imam Khomeini Hospital’s Cancer Center continued: Fortunately, we have made a lot of progress in cancer diagnosis. This issue has made it possible to cure cancer completely or to slow down its deterioration and growth. Now we can say that life expectancy among cancer patients has reached 20 and 30 years after diagnosis.

He said: “Cancer patients in Iran do not face drug problems, and the only factor that causes the exacerbation of common cancers is the loss of morale of the patient and family, which affects the patient’s condition.”

Source: Salamat News

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