How many types of shortness of breath?

Well, you already know 4 types of shortness of breath:

1. Orthopnea:
This type of shortness of breath occurs as soon as the patient lies down!
Therefore, the patient always gets used to putting a large number of pillows under his head

2. Platypnea:
In this case, shortness of breath occurs more when the patient is standing!
That is, unlike orthopnea, here the patient has less shortness of breath when lying down, but as soon as he stands up, he is short of breath!
2 famous diseases are the cause of this problem! Do you know them?

3. Trepopnea:
Shortness of breath when the patient lies on one side (left or right side)! But if he lies down on the opposite side, he won’t have shortness of breath anymore!
What kind of patient do you know?

4. PND or nocturnal shortness of breath!
Here, the patient lies comfortably, even goes to sleep and has no problem, but wakes up with shortness of breath about 2 hours after starting to sleep!
And a new point to learn tonight from Mednote! There is a fifth type of shortness of breath that was recently defined.

5. Bendopnea:
This is a completely new definition that has recently entered a medical book!
That is, shortness of breath when the patient bends forward!
It is interesting to know that by the way, this new type of definition of shortness of breath is very common among patients with advanced heart failure! And an important sign in this hospital!
Usually these patients express:
When we want to tie our shoelaces (like in the picture), we get short of breath!

So, the next time you encounter a patient with severe heart failure, be sure to ask him about shortness of breath while tying his shoelaces (bending forward).

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