How much do you know about hepatitis?

Unfortunately, with the spread of traditional coffee and the smoking of hookah with people suspected of having hepatitis, it has helped to spread hepatitis at a certain time. All of these diseases stem from a lack of awareness. When inflammation occurs in the liver, hepatitis occurs, causing inflammation of the liver, viruses, fungi, microbes and even drugs such as acetaminophen. Here’s what you need to know about hepatitis.

What type of hepatitis do our people know best? Which type of hepatitis is on the agenda of the Ministry of Health?

Hepatitis A, B and C are more commonly known. Elimination of hepatitis B is to be done by 2030 or 1410 AD.

What type of hepatitis vaccine is there? Which hepatitis do we not have vaccination against in Iran?

Hepatitis type B has a vaccine in Iran. Hepatitis C is not vaccinated anywhere in the world, hepatitis A is vaccinated, but there is no vaccine in Iran.

How is hepatitis and the virus transmitted?

Hepatitis A It is transmitted through eating contaminated food and contact with the patient. Symptoms include anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and elevated liver enzymes. Most cases occur without jaundice.

hepatitis B is transmitted through infected syringes as well as through infected blood and blood products. Patients on hemodialysis, people with thalassemia major who receive blood, people with hemophilia, and medical and nursing staff are at risk, and the hepatitis B vaccine is best. To receive.

hepatitis C is transmitted through the injection of contaminated blood products and the use of shared syringes in injecting drug users, although sexual transmission of this type of hepatitis is very, very rare.

Hepatitis vaccination B, what percentage of safety does it provide?

After two to three months of completing the vaccination period, over 96% of people will have protective antibodies. Of course, there are exceptions in obese people, smokers, people with immunodeficiency and people who HIV They are positive, it can be seen.

It is recommended that doctors, nurses, dentists and those undergoing hemodialysis check the antibody every ten years.

Is there a transmission of hepatitis from mother to fetus?

In the case of hepatitisTransmission is very rare, but in the case of hepatitis B, if it is in the active phase, transmission occurs and the probability of transmission is high. Therefore, if the mother has hepatitis B, her baby will be injected with immunoglobulin B at birth. There is no immunoglobulin in hepatitis C, as mother-to-child transmission is not common.

Symptoms of hepatitis C Which?

Weakness, weakness, depression, lethargy and Anorexia nervosa occurs. In acute hepatitis, anorexia is the most important symptom. Heavy urine, pale stools, and itching are also seen. It should be noted hepatitis C is detected in many cases accidentally, during blood transfusions or annual checkups. It is important to check the patient for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and AIDS in infertility centers.

Is hepatitis B and C Is it transmitted by shaking hands and rubbing hands and sitting and standing?

No. This type of hepatitis is only through Shared syringes are used in injecting drug users, unsafe injections, blood transfusions, and blood products.

Hepatitis control and treatment status B and C How is the country?

Currently with the vaccination plan of the country in which Infants are done, hepatitisB has reached the control stage, ie the prevalence of hepatitis B in low-risk individuals has reached 2.1% of the population; Of course, we have a very effective drug that works wonders for hepatitis B. In the case of hepatitis C, instead of the old drugs that were injected and very toxic and the patient had to receive injections for a year, an oral pill has been introduced, which can be treated with one pill for a period of three months and over 96% of patients recover. Finds. After that, the patient does not get cirrhosis and even the patient with cirrhosis recovers with this medicine and does not get liver cancer.

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