How much sunscreen is enough?

It may be listed on your sunscreen SPF 30But if you do not apply this cream to your skin properly, only in moderation SPF 4 It will take care of your skin!

In an interview with a New York dermatologist, we sought answers to our question about the right amount of sunscreen.. Says Dr. Alexides: The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that about 28 grams – which easily fills a cup of slim waist – be enough to cover the whole body..

But what about the face? That is, where we have to protect it every day, whether it is sunny or rainy.

I suggest using about a teaspoon for the face.

Of course, do not forget about your toes! Where it is usually prone to cancerous moles. The American Academy of Dermatology also recommends at least one of the creams SPF 30 Use on face, lips and body; That is a step beyond that SPF 4 Which is present in tanning oils!

Beautiful ladies, now that summer has arrived, please apply sunscreen to prevent dark spots, wrinkles, burns and even cancer.! Prevent.


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