How often should you wash your hair?

Do you know how much you should wash your hair? Hair oil will not always be harmful. Oily hair will not look good, but the sebum produced by the scalp is vital for hair health and shine. No matter what kind of shampoo you use to wash your hair, washing your hair can also be a factor in keeping your hair in shape. Hair that is free of this natural oil will be dry and bad. In this article from Dr. Salam’s beauty, skin and hair section, we will examine how much you should wash your hair.

How much should you wash your hair?

Americans are obsessed with cleanliness, but in their culture it is not common to wash their hair with shampoo every day. All of these cleansers can cause dryness and damage to the hair. So they minimize washing their hair. Shampooing and washing the hair should be in a way that balances the natural fat of the hair.

Most people do not need to wash their hair daily. The fact that you have to wash your hair every few days depends on a few factors. You should wash your hair when you feel greasy when you touch it.

Factors that determine how much you should wash your hair

Many factors affect the need to wash hair.


Oily hair is an important factor in washing them. The amount of fat produced depends on age, genetics, gender and environment. Children do not produce as much sebum as teenagers and adults. As you grow older, the amount of fat you produce decreases again. That is, it reaches its peak between the ages of 20 and 30 and decreases again.

Some people destroy their hair by constantly washing it. It is better for these people to wash their hair once a week. There are different conditions according to which a person needs to wash his hair.

Some people produce enough fat to wash their hair every day, but these people are not many. Most people produce enough fat and need to wash their hair once every two days.

Hair sex

Straight and thin hair needs to comb more than thick, curly or wavy hair. Straight hair sticks to fat faster, which means that it becomes sticky faster. Thicker, curly hair is drier and greasy later. Sebum is an important part of beauty and styling hair because dry hair needs more moisture to soften.

African-American hair needs less washing. Excessive washing, especially with strong shampoos, can cause hair damage and hair loss, especially if combined with chemicals. People with dry and coarse hair should not wash their hair more than once a week.


No wonder you sweat while working outside the home. How much you sweat is an important factor in the need to wash your hair. Sweating spreads sebum and makes hair look dirty. It also makes the hair not smell fresh and clean. Be sure to wash your hair with shampoo after sweating or wearing a helmet or helmet for a long time.

Physical pollution

Contamination, dust, and. Can contaminate hair. These contaminants not only make the hair dirty but also cause allergies.

make up products

Using hair cosmetics can irritate the scalp and damage the hair. Excessive use of these products makes the need to wash hair more than normal. These products include gels, creams, waxes, sprays, etc.

Do you wash your hair a lot?

Hair shampoo

The shampoo is designed to cleanse the scalp and wash away excess oils and fats. But washing the hair too much causes the natural and useful fats of the hair to be lost and the hair to be damaged. The shampoo removes grease and dries the scalp. To prevent this, apply only shampoo to the hair follicles. Then the rest of the hair will be cleaned by passing shampoo over them during rinsing.

Dandruff and shampoo

Dandruff is a sign of excessive hair washing. Dry hair, itching and dandruff are signs of dry scalp. But that does not mean we should never wash our hair.

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