How to avoid the deadly complications of hepatitis?

How is hepatitis increasing among the people of the society, how can this disease be controlled and treated, unfortunately, the number of people with hepatitis is increasing day by day, this liver disorder has different types, with this deadly disease and its deadly complications and methods Get to know the prevention of this complication, the statistics of the World Health Organization informs about the threat to the health of the people of the world by hepatitis disease.

In its first report on the spread of this infection, the World Health Organization stated: “Given that millions of people around the world are at risk of developing chronic liver disease, cancer and premature birth, necessary measures should be taken to test and treat this disease. It should be put on the agenda of the governments”.

Due to the increase in the number of hepatitis patients, Beheshadat World Organization has announced that more than 325 million people infected with hepatitis are unaware of the existence of the virus in their bodies and therefore do not have access to the necessary treatment methods.

Margaret Chan, Secretary General of the World Health Organization, believes that viral hepatitis has now become a global challenge and requires urgent action.

Among the five different types of hepatitis infections that cause 96% of all deaths caused by this disease, 325 million cases of hepatitis B and C have been reported. Hepatitis B infection requires long-term treatment, and therefore the World Health Organization recommends a general antiviral drug called “tenofovir” for the treatment of this disease, which is also used in the treatment of the HIV virus.

Hepatitis C can also be treated almost quickly, but its treatments are expensive for many patients. Hence, the pressure on appropriate pricing of hepatitis drugs has increased and some pharmaceutical companies have taken steps to supply drugs at reasonable prices. For example, Indian pharmaceutical companies have tried to produce cheaper versions to sell such drugs.

According to this report, the World Health Organization intends to facilitate the access of hepatitis patients to medicines in cooperation with governments and pharmaceutical companies. Most countries provide patients with facilities such as diagnostic tests for less than $1 and hepatitis C treatment for less than $200, but despite these efforts, there are still gaps between testing and treatment for such patients. The World Health Organization has emphasized the need to address these issues and solve them quickly.

This world organization announced that viral hepatitis killed about 1.34 million people in 2015, and its death toll is comparable to deaths caused by tuberculosis and AIDS. On the other hand, while deaths from tuberculosis and AIDS are declining, deaths from hepatitis are on the rise, increasing by 22 percent since 2000.

About 1.75 million people were infected with hepatitis C in 2015, and thus the number of people suffering from this disease in the world reached 71 million people; Therefore, specialists seek to identify unsafe health processes and inject the necessary drugs for the root causes of the disease.

In this report, it is also mentioned that thanks to the implementation of the children’s vaccination plan, new hepatitis B virus infections are decreasing, so that in 2015, about 84% of children were covered by vaccination.

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