How to beautify yourself after exercise

Morning exercise has more benefits for human health and mind. But when your appearance deteriorates after exercise and you do not have time to be beautiful again, this idea does not seem very interesting. Follow the smart beauty tips for post-workout beauty

Hair without curls

People who have long hair and tie it with hairpins during exercise, will feel disappointed after exercise! Because their hair is twisted. You can use clamps that are in the form of small plastic rings. They do not leave a mark on the hair after you remove them from your hair. You can also curl your hair with it while swimming.

Do not shower

If you do not have time to take a shower, use cleansing wipes to clean sweaty areas of your body. Choose a cleansing wipe that you can use on your face as well.

Lighten your sports bag

You can save time and space inside your sports bag with travel-size cosmetics that are easy to carry. Use versatile products, such as shampoo that cleans both hair and body; Or fabric softener that can also be used as a shaving foam.

Wet and freshen your hair

Find a suitable dry shampoo. This way you can avoid the time-consuming task of washing, drying and trimming your hair. A dry shampoo helps to reduce the moisture and oiliness of the hair and gives the hair a wonderful aroma and appearance until you have time to take a shower. Dry shampoo also gives the hair a little volume so that it does not look thin and thin.

Eliminate redness

If you do not need to take a shower, you can use moisturizing sprays to refresh your skin and reduce the redness of your face. These products are very useful in the wet summer months.

Stop sweating

Use an antiperspirant instead of deodorant to keep you from sweating for several hours after exercise. Allow your skin to breathe by wearing thin clothing and natural fabrics during exercise, and take a cold shower after exercise.

Eliminate skin inflammation

Intense exercise can irritate your skin, which is not a good way to go to work. An anti-inflammatory cream quickly soothes the skin and can be used to treat blemishes all over your face. This cream is suitable for all skin types and immediately returns red, irritated or sensitive skin to its normal state.

Do not do heavy makeup

If you do not do heavy makeup, your skin will be radiant after exercise and you will save time. Use a color moisturizer that creates a light coverage and contains hydration and sunscreen. You are ready to go to the gym with just a little mascara and lip gloss.

Do not forget your feet

If your feet are slightly smelly, a foot spray may be the most important thing in your sports bag. If you work out in a gym or public pool, use a foot spray that kills germs and removes odors from your feet, as bacteria can thrive there!


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