How to change eating habits in life?

There are some eating habits in our life that we must abandon because they harm our health, so let’s solve this problem together. It is important that doing these things does not confuse the person. In the meantime, there are recommendations that have been tested over time and are followed by nutritionists themselves. In the following, we will introduce you to some of these habits so that you can use them to change your life. give

Do not sacrifice anything

Elisa Zaid, one of those who managed to lose a lot of weight and keep it off, says: Eat all the foods you like, but the important thing is to do it in smaller quantities. He says that actually the first change he made made him successful. I didn’t want to feel deprived again like the previous times when I tried to lose weight. The worst thing is to restrict yourself severely and suddenly this restriction causes you to overeat and lose control over your diet.

Always have a plan

When you’re hungry and everything looks good, the restaurant menu can easily fool you. You don’t have to order the grilled chicken breast with vegetables – it might just take your fancy. Order what you like, but try to balance your schedule as well. For example, if you know that you want to eat potatoes and meat for lunch, then at dinner, pay attention to the amount of protein and carbohydrates you consume. Also, remember to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts in your other meals and snacks. . This is how you can make a meal not disrupt your schedule.

Forget counting calories

Dr. Frank Lippman, nutritionist, says: “Drop the habit of counting calories and instead focus on what’s good for you. Instead of saying how many calories, say where the food and its nutrients come from, foods that are rich in nutrients.” Nutrients prevent hunger, keep blood sugar at healthy levels, suppress appetite, and help tell the brain when the stomach is full. In other words, you don’t need to get involved in calorie counting.

Do not eat boring foods

Nutritionists always say to eat more vegetables, so try to prepare them in a way that makes them enjoyable to eat. I think even boiled vegetables are very boring, I always try to give them a good flavor and I prepare the vegetables with olive oil and garlic, says Eilis Schapiro, one of the famous nutritionists in New York. When I put them in the pan, I add salt, pepper, and garlic powder. With this, health does not come with tasteless anymore.

Prepare and save

Eating healthy foods is more important than buying them. When you get home from the store, divide the fruits and vegetables into two parts. Wash and prepare what you bought right away, and store it in a convenient place in your refrigerator. Research has shown that spending more time preparing free foods improves the habit of using them. If these foods are ready, you will certainly use them, if they are not, you will go for chips and other unhealthy foods.

Eat lunch like a king

You’ve heard that breakfast is the biggest meal of the day, but maybe you’re not that hungry when you wake up. The biggest meal should be at noon, right when the body needs fuel and you need to give it energy. This means that you don’t have to eat a heavy meal for dinner. Don’t go for unhealthy foods for lunch, try to eat vegetables and healthy proteins with this meal.

Don’t feel guilty about food

It is customary to say that food is fuel or food is something that helps to lose (or gain) weight. But thinking about rules and numbers takes the place of an important part of eating: enjoyment. If you think of eating as something pleasurable, something you do without guilt or judgment, and still stay active, you’ll have less You’ll overeat, you’ll have a better meal plan, and you’ll keep any weight loss long-term. It’s true: Feeling guilty about your food choices can ruin the foundation of weight loss, while Taking yourself out of this mode will help you control your diet and not gain weight.

Eat colorful foods

Green, yellow, orange, red… you can add all these colors to your meals. Eating colorful foods makes your body immune to disease by providing nutrients and keeps you naturally full so you are less likely to choose unhealthy foods. In addition, most adults are recommended five servings. Consume food like this in a day (even up to seven meals). New research shows that 58 until the 88 The percentage of people do not reach this amount of consumption. You can enjoy different colors in your food by adding vegetables without adding calories to your meals.

Know your snacks

It is certainly not possible to guess how our mood will be after some time or whether we are hungry at all or not. Increasing snacking is one of the factors that increase calorie intake. New research has shown that when a person leaves his coffee or tea to find something to eat next to it, that is exactly the time when unhealthy choices are formed. This is when a packet of crackers, sweets, chocolate and… They show themselves. To prevent this from happening, always try to have healthy snacks with you such as condensed yogurt, nuts, dried fruits and other healthy items.

Law 80/20 follow the

Two ways to do the face eating method 80 / 20 There is. The first way: 80 Use healthy foods percentage of the time and 20 Allocate a percentage to other foods. This method is excellent because it emphasizes that eating is not for perfectionism. As we said before, why leave out enjoyment. What does this type of eating look like? In this type of eating can be daily 150 Save calories for your favorite foods so you don’t feel deprived. Another type of law 80 / 20 This is how they use when 80 You stop eating at a high percentage. This means that you slow down and pay attention to your body’s message. Does the food no longer taste great? Do you feel like “I can’t do it anymore”? Law 80 / 20 In this way, it helps you eat more slowly and be more careful. Being in touch with your body and paying attention to its feelings will help you avoid overeating.

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