How to choose the best type and color of eye shadow

If you want to make the best choice for eye shadow to make you more beautiful, read this article entitled How to choose the best type and color of eye shadow published in Dr. Salam medical magazine.

12 golden recommendations for choosing eye shadow

1- First of all, you should know that light shades make the eyes look bigger, while dark shades give shape and form to the eyes.

2- If you want to emphasize your eye make-up and make them stand out more, use neutral colors in the rest of your make-up, especially for lips and cheeks.

3- Black, navy and pencil tip colors make the iris bigger and create a beautiful contrast between the white and colored part.

4- Green, blue, gray and dark purple colors are suitable for brown eyes.

5- You can use two shadow colors. Vanilla color themes are great for pairing with top colors. They also accentuate a simple smoky eye makeup.

6- For an everyday light make-up, use bright colors such as rose, pink and light brown. Complete your makeup with brown eyeliner.

7- If you like thicker makeup, dark shades with silver or gold glitter eyeliner are the best choice.

8- If you want to get a better result, don’t use green and blue theme for brown eyes, go for matte colors instead.

9- Brown, dark green and lilac shades are very beautiful for green eyes. The golden shade is very suitable for evening make-up, while white and silver colors do not look interesting for green eyes.

10- Honey color is a combination of brown and green colors. It seems that the color of honey eyes changes according to the color of the surrounding environment. All the colors mentioned for green and brown eyes can also be suitable for this eye color. It depends on you which green or brown color of your eyes will stand out more.

11- Orange derivatives are very attractive for blue eyes. Do not use shades of blue unless they are dark.

12- And finally, we come to make-up for brown or black eyes. If you have black eyes, you are the luckiest girl in the world because you are free to use any color you want and look great with the darkest and lightest shades. Just try it!

March 16, 2011 15:18

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