How to deal with neck headaches?

Some headaches are associated with neck muscles and are exacerbated by neck disorders. Any inflammation or swelling or infectious problems in this area can cause headaches. We have asked the head of the Iranian Headache Association questions related to this complication, which you will read below.

The head of the Iranian Headache Association said: “One of the most common headaches is headaches that occur due to neck problems.” Many people have experienced this type of headache in the present century.

Dr. Mansoureh Taqa, a neurologist, said: “Neck disorders can include simple problems such as cramps in the neck muscles, osteoarthritis of the neck and protrusion and pressure on the intervertebral discs of the neck, or for very rare reasons such as inflammatory and infectious diseases. Be a tumor.

He continued: “The most common reason for adolescence and youth is muscle cramps due to improper neck position.” In students, poor posture and a long head or neck tilted or bent to do homework are common causes. Carrying heavy bags that stretch the shoulders and neck can also cause frequent asymmetric muscle contractions in the shoulders and neck and subsequent headaches.

How to deal with neck headaches?

“The most common cause of headaches in recent years is long-term use of mobile phones, laptops, tablets and computers,” he said. Head and neck use of these devices can cause headaches of “neck muscle spasm” origin.

According to Taqaa, improper pillows or incorrect posture of the head and neck during sleep are other causes of headaches.

The head of the Iranian Headache Association pointed out: The habitual position of the head forward or inclined to one side may cause improper contraction of the neck muscles and headache. Sometimes the cause of neck headaches is intervertebral disc problems in the neck that require treatment.

He added: “Osteoarthritis of the neck bone structures, which usually begins in middle age, is another cause of neck headaches. Most of these people experience this headache after bending the neck while doing things. Also, in most cases, this type of headache occurs after waking up at night. In many cases, in addition to feeling pain in the back of the head, the pain spreads to the upper part of the head and forehead and on the other hand to the shoulders. This type of pain spread can occur in neck headaches for any reason.

How to deal with neck headaches?

Tqaya noted: Sleeping on the abdomen, sleeping on long and stiff pillows, is another cause of the neck being in an awkward position, which can cause severe headaches of neck origin, while improving the lifestyle and attention to Keeping the neck in the right position can prevent these types of headaches.

The neurologist concluded: Rehabilitation measures, a diet rich in calcium, adequate intake of vitamin D3, proper flexibility of the neck and shoulders, use of a suitable pillow or standard medicine can help in relieving these types of headaches. They are also advised to refrain from carrying heavy objects and bending their heads for long periods of time. Referral to physical therapists is also helpful for this group of patients. Many patients also recover with corrective neck movements.

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