How to disinfect your cosmetics?

First of all, it is better to know the fact that all types of cosmetics do not have this capability, or better to say, if we divide cosmetics into two categories, one category will be those that, if they get contaminated, there is no way back for them, and if you are interested in your health. You have no choice but to put them aside; So be very careful that they don’t get contaminated and the second category are those that you can disinfect and use again.

1- Liquid cream powder without pump

They are very easily exposed to contamination, just touch them with a sponge or a brush or even a dirty hand, that’s when the microbes quickly enter your cream powder jar and get access to their favorite environment for growth and development. This is where, unfortunately, there is nothing more that can be done for your favorite cream powder to make it usable again. We suggest you to use special pumps to prevent contamination, ease of use and also to save consumption; Because they don’t have a high price compared to their performance, and you can feel at ease.

2- liquid concealers, lip glosses, liquid eyeliners, mascaras

For this group of make up products who are self-confident, our advice is not to risk at all; Because, as we said before, if this group gets infected, there is no way to sterilize them, and the only way is prevention. If you only use it yourself, that’s not a problem, but what reputable hairdressers or reputable makeup stores should do is not to use their brushes. To make sure that someone did not use them by mistake, cut the brushes and use disposable brushes. Just be sure to note that these brushes are really disposable.

3-Cream powders, cream concealers, cream shadows, gel eyeliners

These are among the group that if they are not taken care of well and become infected, it is better to forget them; Because the germs have entered it and not much can be done, but if they have been well taken care of, it is enough to wipe their smooth surface with a clean cloth and take the amount you need with a clean spatula without creating holes or holes in them. Their surface will remain smooth and clean for the next use so that if there is any contamination, it will not enter and remain on the surface so that you can clean it quickly.


4- Tube lip gloss

Some people believe that these types of lip glosses are not contaminated and if you only clean their plastic surface, which has a hole for the liquid inside, the problem will be solved. If you pay close attention, you will notice that the excess liquid returns to the tube and carries dirt or even dead skin on the lips with it. The best solution for use in hairdressing salons is to use disposable brushes.

5- Lipsticks

Disinfection of lipsticks is very simple. Pour some alcohol into a clean glass and dip the tip of your lipstick into the alcohol and hold it for a few seconds, then take it out and dry it slowly with a clean paper towel or lay it horizontally to dry (don’t hold it vertically, because the alcohol will stick to the bottom) penetrated and the lipstick breaks from the bottom over time). If you like, you can also clean the inside of the door with alcohol.

6- Cosmetic pencils

First dip your pencil in alcohol, hold for a few seconds. Clean the pencil sharpener well with a clean brush dipped in alcohol and scrape the pencil and dip it again in alcohol and dry it with a tissue. Make sure it’s completely dry, especially if it’s an eyeliner, and feel free to use it now. You can also clean their lids with alcohol.

7- Compressed powder products; Like eye shadows, pancakes and blushes

The good news is that powdered products are not a good place for bacteria to grow; Because they need a moist environment to grow and develop, such as creams or liquid products. To clean them, you can clean the top layer with a tissue.

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Cosmetic hygiene tips that we must keep in mind

If you don’t maintain your cosmetics properly and ignore health tips, irreparable damage may be caused to your skin health, which not only does not help to make you more beautiful, but also harms you. So please pay close attention to the following points so that instead of making ourselves more beautiful, we do not harm our health.

1- The first and most important point is very important, be sure to pay attention to it.

Cosmetics are considered our personal belongings, so never share your cosmetics with anyone (even your sister); Because it is dangerous for both of you. There are different microbes on everyone’s skin or in everyone’s body in general, which are different from person to person. For this reason, when you share your makeup with someone, you are actually sharing each other’s bacteria, which can be very dangerous, especially in the eye area, which can lead to eye infections or even worse. So, considering this point, we realize that the most terrible thing possible is to use the testers of cosmetic shops, which we do not know how many people before us and with what skin diseases have tried them.

2- Keep your cosmetics clean and tidy, don’t leave them in a place that gets a lot of dust or dirt, and be sure to close them completely after finishing work. Be sure to wash sponges, brushes, and other such items that need to be washed.

3- We should always remember to wash our hands before applying makeup, especially respected makeup artists must pay attention to this delicate point, and in this case, your customers will be more interested in you because you value hygiene, and your conscience will be clear, which is the reason for the transfer. You have not transferred the skin disease of your previous client to your new client.

4- allergyMake sure that the cosmetics you use have been tested by the manufacturer; Because sometimes even with all kinds of sensitivity tests done, some people are very sensitive and their skin reacts quickly. It is better to buy authentic models to ease your mind about this.

5- Be sure to remember mascaraChange ours once every 3 months or if we don’t use much, before 6 months at most. There’s always some bacteria in between your eyelashes, especially if we’ve been squinting. When we use our mascara, these bacteria stick to the mascara brush from our eyes and eyelashes, and as a result, every time we put this brush into the liquid inside our mascara, these bacteria settle there, and what better environment than a dark and nutritious place to grow and their development; As a result, with the passage of time, their number becomes more and more, now it is up to you to judge how long you want to use a mascara.

6- To use cream products whose container is such that you have to put your finger inside to use, the best solution is to use a spoon with a clean spatula, in such a way that you take the desired amount of cream from the desired cream container with the spatula and the palms of your hands. Pour and use it. In this way, no more contaminations are transferred into the container, so that it is a good environment for the growth and development of microbes.

7- In the end, we suggest you to take a look at your makeup accessories and put aside those that are old and old or those that you know you haven’t taken care of well and are now full of germs, so that you can safely apply makeup and have fun. take.

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