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How To Eat Papaya Seeds To Detoxify The Liver And Kidneys And Heal The Digestive Tract

When most people cut open a papaya, they scoop out the seeds and throw them in the trash. However, papaya seeds are actually incredibly beneficial to the body, and can help the major detox organs like the liver, kidney and digestive tract.

8 Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Here are some major health benefits of papaya seeds you don’t want to ignore.

Destroy Parasites

Papaya seeds are known for their ability to destroy parasites in the body. This study mentions, “their consumption offers a cheap, natural, harmless, readily available monotherapy and preventative strategy against intestinal parasitosis, especially in tropical communities.” The seeds contain an alkaloid called carpaine, which kills intestinal worms and amoeba parasites.

Liver Health

Papaya seeds have been reported as an effective treatment for liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis occurs after many years of heavy alcoholic consumption, whereas the liver shrinks and becomes hardened. This makes it incredibly difficult for the body to remove toxins, leading to a variety of health problems. Eating five seeds per day (fresh or died) twice a day for a month has been effective for many cirrhosis sufferers.

Kidney Health

Papaya seeds can be used to improve kidney health and prevent renal failure, according to scientists at Karachi University. Naseem, a co-researcher on the project at the university said that the juice of papaya seeds can prevent the kidney from becoming dysfunctional, thanks to the rich source of flavonoids that prevent bacteria from causing diseases.

Natural Contraceptive

Papaya seeds have been studied on their ability to provide natural contraception, without any nasty side-effects, such as those that come with taking the birth control pill. Both men and women on the Indian subcontinent and in parts of Southeast Asia have traditionally used papaya seeds as a form of natural contraception. There are no effects on libido, either, which is great, considering birth control pills often kill sex drive.

Digestive Health

The enzyme papain in both the seeds and flesh of papaya are incredibly beneficial for the digestive tract. It can help change the intestinal environment to one that supports the growth of good bacteria, leading to less digestive issues and other health problems. Papaya seeds also help aid in the treatment of candida yeast overgrowth, mainly thanks to the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, which prevents the growth of pathogenic yeasts and other debilitating bacterias.

Prevent Cancer

Papaya seeds contain a rich source of isothiocyanate, which has been shown to promote apoptosis (cell death) in colon, breast, lung, and prostate cancer cells.

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral

Bacteria like E. coli, Staph, and Salmonella can be killed off simply by eating papaya seeds. Other viral infections like Dengue and Typhoid have also been cured by consumption of papaya seeds. The juice of papaya leaves is also helpful in fighting viral and bacterial infections.


Papaya seeds act as wonderful anti-inflammatories, making them great for arthritis and other joint-related aches and pains. They can help with redness and swelling, and help alleviate minor back pain.

How To Eat Papaya Seeds

Papaya seeds can be eaten raw, or ground and crushed in salad dressings or honey. You can also dehydrate papaya seeds and then grind them similar to black pepper (they taste very similar to black pepper too!).

You can eat as many papaya seeds as you want, although I wouldn’t consume more than one fruit has to offer. Excessive consumption is also not necessary, unless you are actively trying to get rid of parasitic worms.

Pregnant women shouldn’t consume papaya seeds and shouldn’t consume green papaya either. Children should also avoid consuming too many papaya seeds.

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