How to enjoy healthy sex

The difference between men and women is that women can reach orgasm several times during a sexual relationship, but men do not want to continue after orgasm and prefer to sleep comfortably. At the same time, the woman wants to continue working. But is there a solution to this issue?

The culprit is the unresponsive period. This is the rest period after orgasm, when it is physiologically impossible for a man to have several more orgasms. During this period, the penis becomes very sensitive and its further stimulation will be painful.

The purpose of this course is:

Restore your blood and penile fluid reserves. The younger you are, the shorter this period will be, from 10 minutes for teenagers to several days for older people. In all cases, this is a temporary stagnation, not a disability.
On the other hand, your lady does not need this period of unresponsiveness immediately after orgasm. In many cases, they can reach multiple orgasms with more stimulation. But can you multiply your pleasure during one night? It’s not impossible, but first you need to change your mindset and follow the tips below.

Differentiate orgasm from ejaculation

Having multiple orgasms for men does not mean learning to have multiple ejaculations during an intimate session.

Ejaculation and orgasm in men are two separate physiological and psychological experiences. When men learn to separate the two, they can learn how to have multiple orgasms per ejaculation.

The closest thing to multiple orgasms is learning how to experience multiple orgasms in a row without ejaculating. About 80% of men can do this with three months of practice. But you should not worry too much about the final result. Sex and orgasm should not be judged by how much you ejaculate or how many times you can ejaculate in one session. You are not supposed to prove anything to anyone in sex. What matters is what makes you feel the best.

Do not stress yourself

A common misconception is that multiple orgasms must be consecutive. Multiple orgasms occur when a person has more than one orgasm in one session—including rest periods, or they have more than one orgasm during the same sexual activity.

So don’t stress yourself to reach multiple climaxes in the same sex session. Anxiety is the most destructive thing in sexual performance. The more fear and anxiety you have about orgasm, the sooner your orgasm will come. You should distract yourself by focusing on your partner’s reaction to your movements.

Delaying ejaculation

You can also control your orgasms by delaying your ejaculation. To strengthen your ejaculatory control, practice the pelvic crunch exercise designed by Dr. Arnold Kegel.

This exercise focuses on the ejaculation muscle—the same muscle you use to keep urine flowing. Dr. Kegel describes this exercise as, “Squeeze, hold for a few moments, then relax those muscles. Do this exercise in three sets of 20 repetitions. You will soon realize your ability to control those muscles and delay your orgasm until you want.

The post-orgasm period in an average 30-year-old person is about half an hour. While you’re waiting, try some new tricks. It all depends on the variety you use. Anything gets boring if used too much, even if it’s really good.

On average, women can achieve multiple orgasms without having periods of rest or unresponsiveness. But without stimulation they reach the base level of arousal. The contractions stop, the uterus descends and the clitoris returns to its shell. Heart rate and breathing slow down and blood circulation returns to normal. The clitoris also becomes very sensitive to stimulation, but other parts of the body require attention.

How to maximize female orgasms

Sex is not just for reproduction. Sex should be a pleasurable experience for both parties and strengthen the bond between couples. Sex is a very intimate act between two people and it requires experience and give and take between you and your partner so that both of you can enjoy it.

However, the reality is that most people don’t really enjoy it. Research and studies show that most women rarely reach orgasm during sex.

And it’s possible that when you rarely climax, you probably don’t know how to maximize your orgasms.

Below are some simple tips to help enhance female orgasms and enjoy sex as much as possible.

The need for foreplay

To enhance your orgasms, you should relax and just enjoy the intimate moments between you and your partner. You should not focus too seriously on reaching orgasm. If your mind is too busy with such thoughts and worries, the possibility of reaching the peak of sexual pleasure will decrease.

Instead, focus on your partner’s body and how it connects with you and reacts to you. In this way, you can focus more on the movements and sensations of your body. The essence and essence of sex is to feel, react and enjoy.

At the peak of the moment, you and your partner will have sex without even foreplay. Sometimes the excitement of the relationship is so strong that it ends in a quick sex and as a result the foreplay time is reduced. Foreplay plays an important role in reaching orgasm because it can bring you to the peak of eternal pleasure. Foreplay includes hugging, caressing and kissing.

During these moments, your heart rate will increase, your genitals will swell, you will breathe faster and you will have a lot of discharge. In order to have a great orgasm, foreplay during sex should not be forgotten.

Expression of sexual fantasies

In addition, having sexual fantasies is a great way to maximize orgasm. It is a proven fact that it is completely normal for every person to have private sexual thoughts and fantasies in their sexual relations with their partner.

Apart from having a strong sexual imagination, you can act out scenes with your partner. In this way, you will not only turn your fantasies into reality, but you will also enjoy reaching the peak of sexual pleasure.

Talking to your partner during sex is also one of the important aspects in enhancing your orgasm. When you discuss your sexual desires and needs with your partner, it will be easier for you and your partner to reach the peak of pleasure. Talking about what you both want in sex will make the sexual bond between you more exciting and stronger. It is usually the women who start the conversation. It is better to express such issues with your spouse in a soft and indirect language.

Good health, more fun

Being fresh and having positive sexual energy can help create a satisfying and great sex relationship between you and your partner. Since being healthy helps you be able to participate in sexual activities better, it is very important to keep your body strong and fit. To have a healthy body, you can use food supplements that are meant to increase the body’s energy level.

In general, reaching maximum orgasm is not as difficult as everyone thinks. What’s more important is to use the most natural and easy ways to discover your gender because it will help you to have an exciting and satisfying sex.

Just have fun, have fun, and never be shy about sharing what makes you happy with your partner. Remember that sex should be fun. Put your worries aside and take the time to create a deep bond between yourself and your partner.

Low libido in women

Low libido is one of the obstacles for women to achieve orgasm. There are various female libido enhancers that have become very popular these days as a large number of women buy them.

These natural enhancers are a combination of herbal and organic materials that help to increase blood circulation in the sexual organ, increase sexual stimulation, strengthen the immune system and the speed of arousal and overcome vaginal dryness.

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