How to get carbohydrates and vegetable fibers to our body?

Carbohydrates and vegetable fibers are among the substances that should reach the human body, but we will tell you how to absorb carbohydrates and how to absorb vegetable fibers. There are many different types of carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates, colloquially called starches, are found in plant products such as bread, rice, spaghetti, flour (generally cereal), potatoes, and many vegetables.


In addition to starch, carbohydrates can exist in nature in a simpler form. For example, a sugar called lactose occurs naturally in milk; And fruit sugar (fructose) and glucose are both present in many fruits. If sugar is consumed in one of these forms, as well as with other foods, it will be useful. Foods for everyone, including those on a diet, should contain such ingredients. Such foods are not only nutritious, but also have vegetable fibers. In general, it is recommended to include more plant fibers in the food plan so that the work of the intestines can be done easily and effectively. Fiber, which is the non-absorbable part of food, is a type of complex carbohydrate that exists in plant cell walls.


Carbohydrate foods should be used in their entirety to get enough plant fiber. For example, potatoes are eaten with skin; The bread should be made of wholemeal flour; Black bread, rice and brown spaghetti should be used; Special cereal foods for breakfast, such as Halim, should be prepared from unrefined flour and without sugar. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables are also important. Dried fruits, like legumes, are especially rich in plant fibers. It is necessary, even if you are trying to lose weight, to keep the level of carbohydrates and plant fibers at a sufficient level.


Try to combine at least one good form of complex carbohydrates such as rice or bread with a fresh fruit. Make sure that the carbohydrate you choose is not accompanied by a large amount of fat. If you eat carrots and potatoes with food, do not add a thick layer of butter or margarine to them. When using bread to make sandwiches, use only a thin layer of fat. (It is preferable not to use saturated margarine or any kind of fat at all) If you like to eat potatoes with food, it is better to eat them boiled and with the skin and not in the form of chips. If you can’t give up chips, cut them thicker so they absorb less fat. As you can see, it is the biggest mistake people make.


which consume carbohydrates with a lot of fat. Another drawback of carbohydrate-rich foods is that they are often highly refined. Sugar, which is a type of carbohydrate that you buy by the bag, is highly refined and completely devoid of protein, minerals, vitamins, and plant fiber. All people, dieters and non-dieters alike, should reduce this type of carbohydrate to an optimal minimum. It can be surprisingly difficult to avoid too much of this substance, as many people now Food and drinks are added. Biscuits, cakes, fizzy drinks, syrups, juices, sweets, chocolates, ice cream and jams all contain very high amounts of sugar.


Sugar is added to most delicious foods such as pickles, sauces and canned vegetables, sauces, soups, and frozen ready-to-cook foods. Read the labels on the foods you buy, and you’ll be surprised at how many products contain refined sugar. You’ll notice how easily you get confused about carbohydrates. Some diets put all carbohydrates in the category of bad foods. This is very unfortunate. What is important is to avoid or at least reduce the consumption of refined sugar and products containing it. You will be successful in your efforts if you are sure that you will not starve due to a very limited diet. If your balanced way of eating (or your weight loss regimen) includes a combination of proteins, complex carbohydrates and fresh fruits at every meal, there is very little chance that you will be eating too much refined sugar or products containing it.

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October 6, 2014 15:06

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