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How to Get Shiny and Dandruff-Free Hair Naturally: Follow These 2 Steps!

Dandruff is something that a majority of the population has, and luckily, the path to dandruff-free hair is an easy one – with no chemicals involved!

When it comes to hair, there are many effective natural treatments out there, but this natural hair treatment is what has worked best for me, and many others. The first step is all about getting rid of dandruff by using apple cider vinegar while the second step will make your hair shine gloriously.

It’s best if you conduct this treatment on your day off since it is recommended that the first step be performed in the morning and the second step completed before bedtime (although you can do these steps back to back if you please).

Step 1: Getting rid of the dandruff

It takes about 3 minutes to prepare the anti-dandruff treatment, and an additional 30 minutes for the scalp to feel the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

You will need:

– 1 cup apple cider vinegar
– empty spray bottle
– clean towel


1. Pour the apple cider vinegar in the empty spray bottle.
2. Gently brush your hair, and part your it in smaller sections using your fingers.
3. Start spraying the scalp, but make sure your eyes don’t get in contact with the vinegar.
4. After you are done spraying all over your scalp, start massaging it. Do not use your fingernails while massaging; you don’t want to scratch yourself because scratching damages the scalp.
5. Now, make a loose bun and wrap your hair in a clean towel. If your scalp starts to itch, that means the apple cider vinegar is healing your damaged, dry scalp.
6. Keep the towel on for 30 minutes and then rinse your hair with lukewarm water. If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, use a mild shampoo that will keep your scalp moisturized. Use a different clean towel to pad your hair and let it dry naturally. The first step is done!        

Step 2: Getting Shiny Hair

This is an infusion treatment that involves 4 kinds of herbs. You will basically be making a tea for your hair!

You will need:

– 1 tsp dried Lavender
– 1 tsp. dried Rosemary
– 1 tsp. dried Peppermint
– 1 tsp. dried Basil
– 2 cups of water


1. Put the herbs in a small pot and add 2 cups of water. Stir a bit and let it boil.
2. After the tea has brewed, put it aside and let the herbal tea cool off naturally.
3. When the tea is down to room temperature, slowly pour it over your hair and start massaging both hair and scalp. Do this very gently.
4. Let the beautiful scent of lavender enter your hair for 10 minutes and then rinse you hair with lukewarm water.

Try to avoid using any shampoo after doing this (and skip the hair dryer!). Does your hair smell nice this time? You’ll be able to see the results immediately. Your hair will be softer, shinier, and dandruff free!

So what’s the secret of these 2 natural hair treatments? The benefits of apple cider vinegar are numerous. It’s also a sworn enemy of the trouble-causing fungus found on your scalp. The herbs work by bringing vitality back to your hair, helping to treat any parts that are dry and damaged. This combination of apple cider vinegar and herbs also reduces itchiness, dermatitis, inflammation, and hair loss.      

Although you’ll get immediate results, it is advisable to repeat this treatment once or twice a week until your hair and scalp are fully recovered.

Tip: When suffering from any kind of fungal infection, such as skin fungal infections, toenail fungus, and dandruff, use a different clean towel each time you wash the affected body part.

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