How to help the digestive system with proper nutrition?

Nutrition has an effect on all the systems of our body. The digestive system can also be adjusted according to the nutrition we consume, so it should be with us. If one of the 70 Be one of the million people who struggle with digestive problems


You must know that having this problem plays a major role in having a bad feeling. The process of optimizing the digestive system requires some trial and error as well as a doctor’s guidance. But with some changes in your diet, you can improve the functioning of your digestive system. In this article 6 We have prepared advice from nutritionists for you.

Eat fiber

Americans are lonely every day 10 until the 15 They eat grams of fiber. This amount is half of what is recommended ( 20 until the 35 grams) but you should not eat all this amount at once and in one meal. Gradually increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Also make sure you drink enough fluids. Drink fluids with fiber-rich food to facilitate fiber absorption.

Fruits rich in fiber

Eating different types of fruit helps you absorb more fiber. Try adding these three fruits to your diet rather than eating them at every meal 3 Add grams to your daily fiber intake. Pears (more than 5 grams of fiber in each medium pear (raspberry) 4 grams per half cup (and apples) 4 grams of fiber in each average number).

Try yogurt

Research has shown that many people do not have the ability to digest lactose. Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk. Yogurt is also rich in lactose, but it does not cause problems for people who have problems with its digestion. So eating yogurt is a good source to get calcium and at the same time not to have digestive problems.

Look for hidden elements

Although milk and milk products are the only natural source of lactose, milk derivatives are also added to prepared foods, including: bread and similar products, cereals, beans, potatoes and soups, margarine, salad dressing, Candies and food supplements. If your stomach cannot digest lactose, be sure to read the food label.

Water, water, everywhere

Drinking plenty of fluids prevents constipation. Especially when it is combined with eating fiber foods. This work helps improve digestion and lowers blood pressure.

Good bacteria for the gut

Probiotics are good bacteria that help digest food in the gut and fight against harmful bacteria. They are also effective in fermenting some foods such as yogurt. Interested in the beneficial benefits of probiotics? Mix half of a banana with low-fat yogurt, you can use this food as a snack or breakfast. You can try different types of yogurt to see which one works best for you.

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October 6, 2014 00:09

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