How to identify plastic rice?

The story of the production of artificial rice does not seem to be complete and people should be tormented by fraudsters. In China, artificial rice is produced by producers who make and sell potato starch and plastic, and the only aroma of rice to this rice. Added to finally smell like real rice.

China produces more than 200 million tons of rice every year, making it the largest producer of rice in the world. But recent studies have shown that Chinese rice can be very dangerous to the overall health of the human body because it is made from plastic.

Chinese manufacturers actually sell artificial rice made from plastic and potato starch, to which the aroma of rice is finally added. After many studies, it has been determined that Chinese artificial rice contains the same amount of plastic as a small plastic bag.
Fortunately, these counterfeit rice can be identified by the methods mentioned below.
Mortar test
Beat some rice grains in a mortar. Then take a closer look at what is in the mortar. If the powder is white and one-handed, it means that the rice is organic, but if you see a yellow spot, you are dealing with artificial rice.
Fire test
All you have to do in this experiment is burn a few grains of rice. If the seeds ignite, it means that the rice is artificial.
Water test
Pour a tablespoon of rice into a glass of water. If the rice grains settle, it means that the rice is organic.

Plastic rice

Mold test
Cook a handful of rice in water. Then, pour the rice into a plastic container and leave it in the sun for a few days. If the rice is natural, you will see it moldy, otherwise it is artificial rice.

Source: Dr. Alo

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