How to improve marital sex

In my opinion, the definition of correct sexual relationship in various books is not comprehensive and I present the following definition: healthy sexual relationship (physical and mental health), intimate (expressing verbal and non-verbal interest), responsible (physical and mental satisfaction with physical emotional connection and acceptance of communication responsibility), pleasurable (mental and physical), without feeling fear, guilt or torment of conscience, without customary social harms, without tools to achieve a goal, self-willed and using the reproductive system and sexual intercourse. Correct sex depends 70% on mental health performance and 30% on physical health performance. Sexual disorders have involved about 40% of the society, but there is a lack of workshops and specialized lectures in this regard on a national scale, while diseases like diabetes with The prevalence of 7%, the number of trainings and workshops regarding the recognition and treatment of diabetes is much more

Today, I gave a lecture on the above topic at the Tehran Development Center. Unfortunately, my workshops and lectures show that sexual knowledge and sexual communication skills are not very satisfactory even in the educated class, which has its own educational, cultural, religious and even political taboo reasons. It is strange that in most of my educational experiences, it has been seen that single people have better knowledge and skills, at least in theory, than married people, which is a lot of thought and meditation. 50% of the causes of divorce are due to sexual incompatibility and it is absolutely necessary to pay attention in this regard. In this section, I will only mention the principles of improving sexual and marital relations:
The principle of appropriate non-sexual relationships
The principle of enjoyment (enjoying and giving pleasure)
The principle of bilaterality includes the principles of participation and bipolarity (paying attention to each other’s needs and desires)
The principle of dynamism (1- the principle of sexual freshness, 2- the principle of diversity, 3- the principle of being active)
The principle of the emotional and sensual dimension
The principle of two-way advances (in a statistical study, 87% of women almost never make advances / in another study, 24% consider advances inappropriate!! / 34%, even if they want to, women should not be the initiators!!)
The difference principle of sexual need
The principle of cognition (physical and mental stimuli)
The principle of planning
The principle of physical and mental preparation
The principle of creativity
The principle of positive attitude
Nudity principle
The principle of imagination (reducing worry and stress, increasing emotions and discovering diversity in marital relationship)
The principle of experience in sexual skill (positions and that from 42 to 85% of women do not reach real orgasm)
principle of magnification
The principle of honeymoon
The principle of praise and approval and praise and thanks
The principle of physical health
The principle of mental health
The principle of proper habits (exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.)
Principle of foreplay for at least 20 minutes: 1- Physical (kissing, smelling, licking, and massage)… 2- Emotional (talking appropriate to the emotional and sexual atmosphere and reading sexual love stories, etc.) 3- Principle of place and time: the color of the room should Be bright and have a large mirror. The penetration of sound to the outside should be as low as possible and the room should have a good lock. Sometimes couples feel better in high or low light with a dim colored lamp (lampshade). Be sure to change the decoration of the room, the type of music, and even the type of perfume from time to time. Use scented candles or incense in the room. Be sure to turn off the mobile phone before and after playing and do not use audio-visual devices such as TV. The temperature and humidity of the room should be suitable. Preferably, if possible, the bathroom and toilet should be inside the room.
Choosing the right time (for the relationship and also the duration of the relationship from the start of the marital relationship in the form of penetration) 1-2 minutes: very short
7-3 minutes: acceptable
7-13 minutes: good
13-30 minutes: very long
The principle of sexual intercourse (100 types of marital positions/two good positions/orgasm)
The principle of playing back
The principle of correct sexual criticism
Unfortunately, many people pay attention to these principles or knowledge in this regard is not very satisfactory, and I hope that space will be created to work in the media and newspapers to educate the public about marital sex to improve family health in a scientific way, not in a supermarket.


December 30, 2012 20:54

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